Month: April 2016

Weibold! Academy: Tyre Recycling Value Chain

Dear Readers, This is the third article from our monthly blog series, called “Weibold! Academy”. The idea behind these articles is to provide our readers and our newsletter subscribers with valuable knowledge about the tire recycling industry. We started our educational series with the basics and month by month we will together dwell deeper into the world of tires and the ways of recycling them. We believe that a good knowledge foundation might be beneficial for everyone involved in the industry and each month we will cover different topics, thus providing you with important know-how for the tire recycling industry. In the second article from our series we started explaining about the recycled rubber output spectrum and we also started covering the topic about Rubber Granulates. The third article explained about Rubber Granulates, Rubber Powder, Tire Derived Steel and Tire Derived Fiber. In this part we will cover another interesting topic –  the Tyre Recycling Value Chain. Tyre Recycling Value Chain The recycling value chain covers a number of basic steps from the disposal of tires from cars, trucks and other vehicles to the production of derivative products: 1. Sourcing and sorting: the collection of tires from tire mounting shops and other sources, e.g. landfills. Some portion (5% to 15%, depending on market conditions) have enough tread on the tyre to qualify for re-use, such as: second hand tires, sold domestically second hand...

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USA Rubber Industry Forum 2016: July 18 – 22 in Pittsburg, PA

TechnoBiz USA is organizing the 3rd Edition of the “USA Rubber Industry Forum 2016” to be held July, 18-22, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA at the Crowne Plaza South Hotel. This year a number of improvements have been made for the benefit the engineers and managers in the rubber processing industries. Along with 3-day conference program with a special group discussion on technical issues we have included a number of focused educational courses including an improved version of exhibiting, which is open for all delegates as well as non-delegates. Additionally, the “USA Rubber Industry Executive Networking Dinner” is included as part of this forum. TechnoBiz has also initiated “USA Rubber Technologist 2016” Award to honor the dedicated rubber technologist who contributed to benefit the USA Rubber Industries. Below is a preliminary technical program. The event is focused on custom mixing and custom molding. Conference Program Presentations (19-21 July 2016) (30 min each) 1. Increasing Mixing Efficiency by Tailored Raw Materials 2. Recent Developments using Soy Products in Rubber Formulations 3. Silicone Injection Molding for HCR Compounds 4. Effect of Filler Type and Mix Method on Abrasion Resistance 5. Vulcanization of Diene Rubbers – from the Basics to Application 6. Common Mistakes in Rubber Compounding and Processing 7. Continuous Final Mixing and Proportional Blending with Extruder Gear Pumps 8. Filler Blends to Optimize the Performance of Cable Compounds 9. Use of...

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June 22-23, 2016 – 2016 Waste Tire Market Development Conference: The Value of Tire Recycling

Venue: Double Tree Hotel, 7801 East Orchard Road, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division has put into action an aggressive market development program targeted at broadening and upgrading our waste tire product markets. The 2016 Waste Tire Market Development Conference is intended to provide the latest and best information on regional markets, market development and trends, technologies, and beneficial end use of waste tires. Registration is now open!   Register Here Early registration ends on May 2, 2016. Higher rates will apply after that date. Conference Agenda Contact: Claudette Ferris at or 303-692-3380 for more information. To learn more and to register, click here:

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Cheap tire innovation could boost Zika desease control

A cheap mosquito trap out of old tires that can collect thousands of eggs that may carry the Zika virus, has been developed by researchers in Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada according to an AFP report. The trap is called an “ovillanta” and consists of cutout tires and a liquid solution that lures Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are known to carry a number diseases, including Zika – the desease held responsible for infant brain disorders. “What we are aiming at is destroying the second generation of mosquitoes, by destroying the eggs and the larvae,” said Gerardo Ulibarri, a professor of biochemistry at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ont. Ulibarri and his fellow researchers tested the trap — dubbed an ovillanta — in Guatemala, where species of the Aedes mosquito can carry dengue, chikungunya and Zika. The insects transmit the viruses among people through their bites. According to AFP, in this method, the females lay their eggs on a wooden or paper strip inside the tire trap. The strip can be removed weekly and the eggs destroyed by using fire or ethanol. The ovillanta — “llanta” is one word in Spanish for tire — is made from a piece of tire shaped to contain water and a pheromone solution to attract female mosquitoes. The wall-hung vessel is fitted with a valve to direct the liquid to a filter so it can...

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Californian Zinc Legislation Amended, Removes Tires From Bill

Following a letter of opposition from the Rubber Manufacturers Association, the California bill that sought to restrict zinc used in tires (SB 1260) has been amended to no longer address zinc or tires. The RMA has been leading opposition against the bill and sent a letter March 18 expressing its concerns about the bill stating, “Zinc oxide is an ingredient in all tires, and tires cannot be manufactured without its use. The bill would require fundamental breakthroughs in basic rubber chemistry that, even if feasible, would not achieve significant environmental benefit.” The bill was withdrawn and amended earlier at the beginning of this month with language from a previous bill, SB114, that addresses storm water cleanup and not zinc or tires. Article source: Tire...

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