Month: August 2016

Weibold! Academy: Rubber Powder Applications – Surface Coatings

Dear Readers, This is the eighth article from our monthly blog series “Weibold! Academy”. As we have mentioned before, with these articles we try to provide our readers and our newsletter subscribers with valuable knowledge about the tire recycling industry. We believe that a good knowledge foundation might be beneficial for everyone involved in the industry and each month we cover different topics, thus providing you with important know-how for the tire recycling industry. Month by month we together dwell deeper into the world of tires and the ways of recycling them. In case you have missed our first seven W! Academy articles, you can find them here: Welcome to Weibold! Academy Weibold! Academy: Recycled Rubber Output Spectrum and Rubber Granulates Weibold! Academy: Rubber Granulates, Rubber Powder, Tire Derived Steel and Tire Derived Fiber Weibold! Academy: Tyre Recycling Value Chain Weibold! Academy: Applications for Tyre Recycling Plant Output Weibold! Academy: Rubber Granulate Applications Weibold! Academy: Rubber Powder Applications – Rubber Industry This month we continue covering the recycled rubber output spectrum and will explain more about surface coatings. Rubber Powder Applications Surface Coatings Conventionally, there are two types of surface coating; liquid and powder surface coating. Recent advancement in surface coating industry have introduced the use of synthetic polymers that include paints, drying oils and varnishes, synthetic clear coatings, and other products whose primary function is to protect the surface of...

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Tire collection permission for company in Barka, Oman

An Omani startup – Al Affia Global Industries – has been granted the license from the national authority for waste management, Be’ah, to accept end-of-life tires for a period of one year. Oman is generating annually an average of 40,000 tons of end-of-life-tires and aims to find a way to both manage the waste and to start a profit-making industry by recycling the old tires. The company’s goal is to process about 30,000 tons of used tires annually in order to produce rubber crumbs, which will be used in highway construction, artificial turf and in other industries. They are also planning to recycle up to 4,000 tons of high strength steel wires per year in order to manufacture springs for automobile industry and wire fences. The engineering expert at Al Affia, PT Sivarajan said that Be’ah has already granted them all permissions needed: “The land has been allotted. We are working on fencing it and constructing a fire protected area. We are also setting up access controlled electronic gates. We hope to start work by next month.” In 2012 Be’ah completed a feasibility study on the Used Tires Recycling Project, which identified the required supply chain for the ELT treatment – including a collection system, primary treatment facilities and rubber-based industries. Be’ah also looked at several challenges that need to be overcome in order to make the old tire recycling...

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Update: Robert Weibold will present at the Recycled Rubber Products Technology Conference in Las Vegas, 14 – 15 Sep

Robert Weibold will attend the conference and will speak about “High Value Applications for Ground Rubber”. Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting with Mr. Weibold! About the conference: The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering and the Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Department at University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) has proudly announced that the 4th Annual International Recycled Rubber Products Technology Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 14-15, 2016. The selected venue is the SLS Las Vegas. This Conference is hosted by the “International Recycled Rubber Products Initiative” (IR2 PI) program at UNLV. Experts from various states and countries will participate in presenting their research activities and disseminating the results to various public and private entities. The Conference will focus on several activities in the promotion of sustainable technologies such as rubberized asphalt pavements, scrap tire rubber modified products for sports/playground surfaces, scrap tires in infrastructure applications, the manufacture of industrial and consumer products using crumb rubber, and any related activities in this area. With the industry’s most comprehensive conference being held in fabulous Las Vegas there is something for everyone ‐ you can bet on it! Celebrate the spectacular nightlife, indulge yourself at an endless buffet, test your luck at the gaming tables, take‐in a Vegas‐style show or enjoy one of the many first class golf courses. Click here...

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Tire Recycling Plant Approved in Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, British Columbia, Canada

A tire recycling plant has received the permission of the Regional District of Fraser Fort George to be developed on the site of the former Clear Lake Sawmill site. The tire and rubber recycling facility as well as multiple residential housing will be developed on the site.   The recycling facility will use a mechanical process to grind waste tires into a rubber crumb for re-use in new products. The zoning modification will also allow for future manufacturing uses. The facility still needs to meet the Provincial regulatory requirements for emissions to air, water, or land, community drinking water and sewage systems as well as road access. Article source: 250...

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Genan Reconstruction proceeding according to plan with new Managing Director

After initiating a radical reconstruction at the start of 2015, one of the world’s biggest tire recyclers – Genan Holding – has recently presented its first annual report. Although considerable impairment has negatively affected the 2015 report, the core business of the group does show a stable profit performance. The most crucial prerequisite for Genan’s sustained existence, according to chairman of the board Peter Thirsen, is that a considerable profit of the group result from its core business – the sale and production of rubber powder and granulates through environmentally right tire recycling. Thorsen said, “Overall, the board of directors regard 2015 as a dissatisfactory year. Yet, first and foremost, we note that the core business is developing in the right direction, already providing reasonable earnings. We work in patience, acknowledging the fact that the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years will be significantly affected by non-operational items in the form of financial impairment and waiver of debt. Not until 2017 onwards will the annual report reflect the core business, and it is thus pivotal to determinedly follow the plan supported by both owners, board, management and staff.” In September 2015 Poul Steen Rasmussen has been recruited for ensuring a progressive development of the core business. “There is no doubt that Genan has a very large business potential – in Europe as well as in the USA and in other...

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