Month: November 2016

weibold! Academy: Total Quality Management in Tire Recycling

Dear Readers, This is the eleventh article of our monthly blog series “weibold! Academy”. As we have mentioned before, with these articles we try to provide our readers and our newsletter subscribers with valuable knowledge about the tire recycling industry. We believe that a basic knowledge foundation might be beneficial for everyone involved in the industry and each month we cover different topics, thus providing you with important know-how for the tire recycling industry. Month by month we together dwell deeper into the world of tires and the ways of recycling them. In case you have missed our previous w! Academy articles, you can...

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Tire recycling advocates cite an instance of stockpile cleanup near Los Angeles

Tire recycling proponents near Neenach, a town close to Los Angeles, hope that their idea of cleaning up stockpiles gains tractions in other parts of Los Angeles County. Paul Henreid, president of the Neenach / Oso town council, says that the system worked out very well there. He says that the best method to deal with scrap is just to “Put on a pair of gloves and get it done.” That means that citizens get involved in a once-a-year tire recycling program which is based on merely finding discarded tires, collecting and recycling them. Area around Neenach is rural...

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Tyromer Devulc hits the road

Canadian based Tyromer, the marketing operating setup to sell the technology developed at Waterloo University by Dr. Sam Visaisouk and his team has met with some commercial success since March 2016. In partnership with Canadian specialist compounders at Airboss, Tyromer’s devulcanised rubber has successfully been introduced to tyre compounding for specialists of the road tyres. Airboss is a rubber compounder and specialist tyre manufacturer that serves the North American market with high quality OTR and specialist solutions. Technicians at Airboss took on the step of testing Tyromer in compounds and found that it performed as well as virgin rubber...

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California Assembly Scraps Tire Recycling Bill

The unexpected defeat of California AB 1239, a controversial tire recycling bill supported by environmental groups but opposed by tire dealers and manufacturers came in the wee hours of the last day of two-year legislative session. Sponsored by Californians Against Waste (CAW) and 15 other California-based environmental groups, AB 1239 sought to establish a new regulatory fee on tires in the state and replace the state’s popular tire grant program with a new incentive program. Final tally for AB 1239 at midnight August 31 was 34-34, with 12 abstentions, Terry Leveille, president of Sacramento-based TL & Associates and legislative...

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Degradable Synthetic Rubber Reduces Tire Waste

End of life tires (ELT) are increasingly becoming a cause for concern. Their presence in tire dumps creates hazards to the environment and to health via insect borne disease, and they are waste of resources. Scientists trying to find a solution to this issue have developed a new way to make synthetic rubber. And once this material is discarded, it can be easily degraded back to its chemical building blocks and reuses in new tires and other products. The researches presented their work to the American Chemical Society (ACS). “The basic idea behind this project was to take a...

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