Month: December 2016

Mass resignations of ETRA’s Vice Presidents

European Rubber Journal recently informed that Secretary General of the European Tire Recycling Association (ETRA), Valerie Schulman, rejected reports that the association is facing mass resignation by its board members. As of today, four out of nine board members resigned – Ken Jones, Jean-Paul Bouysset, Jacques Vervaet and Robert Weibold. You will find the link to the relevant article of the European Rubber Journal below.  Article source: European Rubber...

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weibold! Academy: Applications for Fibers from End-of-Life Tires

Dear Readers, Month by month, our weibold! academy series dwells deeper into the world of tire recycling, its products and applications. In case you have missed our previous w! academy articles, you can find the links at the end of this article. This month we will elaborate on applications for fibers from end-of-life tires. The average passenger tire contains approximately 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs) of fiber, while truck tires may have much less. The fibers are a combination of polyester, rayon and nylon. Fiber is liberated from rubber and wire using different methods during processing. Mechanical vibrating screens and pneumatic...

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Disposal of end-of-life tires in India is becoming manufacturers’ responsibility

India’s government prepares a new set of guidelines to manage end-of-life tires (ELT). According to the new legislation, the bulk of responsibility for ELT disposal is passed to tire companies and dealerships. Draft guidelines of the Waste Tires Management Rules 2017 stipulate that tire companies will be obliged to prepare and execute an ‘integrated waste tire management plan’ which will comprise “operational mechanisms for collection and disposal of waste tires equivalent to its annual production and/or import quantity”. That is, tire manufacturers must adopt their own waste management plans and follow them within a given period of time. On...

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Growing interest to alternative fuels and TDF in cement production

Nowadays, tire-derived fuel is gaining popularity as an alternative fuel in cement production. Transition to tires is caused not only by high traditional fuel prices, but also by environmental constraints. In this article, we describe Egypt’s cement industry transition to alternative fuels. Egypt is the 10th largest cement-producing country in the world and also the country is a huge cement consumer (53.9 Mt in 2015). The demand for cement is mainly driven by large national projects including roads, housing and other infrastructure. However, to accommodate to recent constrictions in fossil fuel availability and rising prices, Egypt’s cement industry had...

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ETRA’s circular economy conference, March 22-24, Brussels, Belgium

European Tire Recycling Association (ETRA) is organizing a new tire recycling conference which will be held in Brussels on 22nd-24th of March. The event is going to be focused at ‘defining the circular economy for tire recycling’ and it will discuss ever-expanding opportunities for recycled rubber applications in innovative and traditional sectors. The plenary sessions will focus on the use of recycled tyre materials as a crucial contribution to the circular economy in the EU. In addition, the conference will comprise a pyrolysis panel with five selected speakers who will discuss market developments and advancing of the characteristics of...

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