Month: January 2017

weibold! Academy: Safety and health effects of crumb rubber infill in artificial turf

Dear Readers,  Month by month, our weibold! academy series dwells deeper into the world of tire recycling, its products and applications. In case you have missed our previous w! academy articles, you can find the links at the end of this article. This month, we shed light on safety and health effects of crumb rubber infill in artificial turf. Over the last decade, an ongoing discussion on the health issues of crumb rubber infill in synthetic turf has been troubling both tire recyclers and the public. People were seriously concerned about alleged risks of cancer caused by exposure to recycled...

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Australian tire recycler fined over worker’s fingers amputation

Due to an accident at a tire recycling plant in Welshpool which resulted in amputation of worker’s fingers by a shredder, a company was fined $80,000. Elan Energy Management Pty Ltd was found guilty for not providing a safe workplace for its employees which caused serious harm to a worker. The recycler was fined by the Perth Magistrates Court this week. The accident happened last September, when four employees of Elan Energy cut tires to reduce them in size using a mobile shredder on a trailer. Reportedly, following instructions of their company, one employee was responsible for a control...

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Enviro’s tire-derived carbon black approved by EU

The Intellectual Property Authority of the European Union (EUIPO) recently approved a trademark EnviroCB which belongs to the company Scandinavian Enviro Systems. Enviro is the first company in the world which commenced supplying recycled carbon black (rCB) to the premium segment of automotive industry. Now that the trademark has been registered, Enviro has a chance to deliver rCB to other markets and industries to substitute virgin carbon black. Registering a trademark, the company can now create a standard on the market for all recycled and commercially used CB. Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Scandinavian Enviro Systems, says that the...

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A joint venture formed by Reklaim and Pyrolyx in North America

Recently, a joint venture was formed by Pyrolyx AG from Munich, Germany and Reklaim, Inc. based in Seattle, USA. New JV is going to focus at the tire-derived carbon black recovery and will operate in North America. German Pyrolyx AG owns 81% of Pyrolyx USA, Inc. At new facilities throughout North America, the JV will use manufacturing process from the German parent company. Moreover, Pyrolyx USA will be run by German top management. Location of facilities and the volume of investment are not disclosed yet. The company will recover carbon black (rCB) from end-of-life tires and rubber. Reportedly, the...

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Comments on health risks related to recycled rubber granulates

Good news came from the answer to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) from the Portuguese team members of the CEN/TC 366, department responsible for the standardization of recycled materials obtained from end-of-life tires (ELT) of European Committee of Standardization, on how crumb rubber affects human health. Throughout the world, there has been an ongoing debate on whether athletes of synthetic turf fields are exposed to risk of cancer. This debate has been affecting the tire recycling industry and the use of crumb rubber infill in various applications, even far beyond the use of artificial turf. The Portuguese Technical Commission “Recycled Products from Tyres” (CT-181), the Portuguese Association of Rubber Industry (APIB), and the Chemical Engineering Department of IST (Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal), have been actively participating in the chemical research for the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) with regard to rubber infill materials, resulting from tire recycling, used in synthetic turf systems. Below, we cite the recent answer of CT-181, presided by Vasco Pampulim, to ECHA included in its formal answer to ECHA to the “Call for comments and evidence on recycled rubber granules”: “As the President of CT-181 working since a long time in a Portuguese tyre recycling company, regarding the determination of the PAHs content in tyre recycled rubber granulates as infill products for synthetic turf, I have many routine chemical analysis on this subject done by...

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