Month: May 2017

High-quality tire and industrial rubber recycling by Kurz Karkassenhandel in Germany

One of the most modern fine-milling plants for end-of-life tires and technical rubber remains in Europe is located in Landau, south-east of Germany, at the premises of the company Kurz Karkassenhandel GmbH. Grinding used tires using rubber mills is a rather demanding and complex process. First, tires are pre-shredded or crushed with rotor blades. Then, these pieces are processed with fine-grinding machines and yield rubber powder of desired sizes. Supplementary tire elements – metal and textile – are eventually separated from the output. To produce rubber powder, two methods of grinding are generally used: cold and ambient grinding. Cold...

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Potential disruptions on scrap tire markets?

A tire recycling veteran and current consultant Terry Gray who represents T.A.G. Resource Recovery located in Houston, poses that even though the industry went a long way and is regarded as successfully-established, some end scrap tire markets face problems and make think there could be disruptions in the overall market. According to Gray, he commenced his way with the industry back in 1984, at the dawn of tire recycling in North America when barely 1 percent of scrap tires were being recycled. Three decades later tire recycling worldwide appears to be far more mature. In North America alone, some...

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Carbon black prices increase in Europe

According to the Rubber News, large carbon black (CB) producer, Birla Carbon announced about its increasing CB prices in Africa and Europe. In the end of May, the company made an announcement saying that the price will rise by USD 78 per metric ton from July 1. According to the Mumbai-based company, the increase is to address market environment, costs of raw materials and strict regulatory requirements. Earlier in May, Cabot Group located in Boston also announced CB price increases for Europe, Africa and Middle East. These price increases are expected to come into force in the middle of...

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Recycled Tires in SUP&R ITN’s sustainable pavements and railways

This May, MSCA fellowship programme Sustainable Pavement & Railway Initial Training Network – SUP&R ITN ( released a new video, where they successfully summarize 4 years of training-through-research programme and give the general public an overview of their achievements in creation of more sustainable pavements and railways infrastructures. Restructured and refreshed website was also published, giving easier access to the project outcomes and better insight in work that fellows carried out through this 4 years. SUP&R ITN project started back in 2013, supported by European Commission, with a goal to create a new generation of professionals, to help...

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Used tire tread is what makes Avarca sandals stand out

Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands, is home to some of the major Spanish footwear manufacturers. It is also a residence of Avarcas Menorquinas, traditional Spanish leather sandals. And what makes these sandals purely authentic are their soles made from end-of-life tire treads. Christian Mesu who represents Trotamillas – a company who asserts they are the only manufacturer using original and non-processed tire treads for shoe soles – says that Avarca’s sandals would lose their face if there were no tire rubber. He explains that till 1950s footwear industry used original tire treads. Later on, steel wire was introduced...

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