Month: June 2017

Tire-derived rubber composites for sustainability

The world is witnessing the rise of recycling of end-of-life tyres. Waste tyres, which can be used as substitute for traditional raw materials, need to be processed in an eco-friendly way, thus a number of ground-breaking technologies have been introduced. ELTs are now concerned with establishing novel ways in which moulded rubber products and tyre-derived fuel could be used, including agricultural and civil engineering realms. The researcher from Nottingham University, Dr. Davide Lo Presti, has conducted a study on how ELTs is used in rubber-modified asphalts, including the use of RTR-MBs (rubber modified bitumen) for improvement of road surface....

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Changes to carbon black prices in Russia

The news is important to know for tire pyrolysis companies focused on carbon black production. In May 2017, Rubber News reported about increasing carbon black prices in Europe. This article highlights price adjustments by large Russian carbon black manufacturer. Yaroslavl Carbon Black, Russian carbon black producer who is also known as JSC Yaroslavskiy Tekhnicheskiy Uglerod, announced about changes to its prices for all grades of carbon black starting from the beginning of July. The letter addressing Yaroslavl’s customers explains that the company’s pricing policy is affected by the low oil prices and external pressure on carbon black feedstock prices....

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ATMA calls for policy changes to support India’s tire industry

Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA) seeks policy level changes to propel tire exports in India. ATMA’s Chairman Satish Sharma says that the association welcomes competition, but seeks for suitable policies that will provide the manufacturers with a level playing field. In addition, Sharma said that the association wants a policy which would double its exports. Today, a number of serious players in tire industry with manufacturing facilities in India pose severe competition to domestic players. With regard to exports, Sharma claims it has potential to double in three years. Currently, the exports contribution rate fluctuates about 15 percent of the...

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Continental launches its first tire retreading plant in British Columbia, Canada

After serving almost a lifetime in both management and sales in tire business, Darrell and Vangie Armstrong made an investment in the first retreading facility of Continental in British Columbia, Canada. The new retreading plant called ContiLifeCycle is situated in the Gloucester Industrial Estates. The Armstrong couple officially announced their launching the venture on June 12 accompanied by representatives of Continental Tires from all over U.S. and Canada. Vangie, who has been working in the tire industry for more than 25 years, said Gloucester is ideal for the couple because of its proximity to truck fleets. Reportedly, their activities...

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ZARE Initiative ensuring proper tire disposal in Germany German organization ZARE Initiative was established in cooperation with the „Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseur-Handwerk e.V. (BRV)“ in 2015. Tire disposal companies belonging to the Initiative ensure proper and environment-friendly disposal of waste tires. The number of market participants who are neither certified nor bound themselves to professional disposal is increasing. This results in illegal waste tire dumps and piles, which harm the entire industry, as well as environment. ZARE opposes such developments by creating awareness and promoting transparent and responsible tire disposal companies to become certified so they can further offer sustainable solutions. Altogether, 33 tire disposal companies...

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