Month: September 2017

Enviro claims there is vast global potential for rCB

Recovered carbon black (rCB) is quite well presented on the market, especially after multinational companies, including Volvo Cars, approved this material to manufacture its rubber goods. Drawing on this success, finding clients in various sectors is not going to be a challenge for Enviro’s recycled carbon black. Enviro can save on raw materials by providing its replacement material for virgin product – it can be used in gaskets, shock protection, vibration damping, rubber sheets and seals. Fredrik Olofsson, head of sales at Enviro, said that virgin carbon black can be substituted by recovered carbon black in a great number...

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Ireland adopts new waste tire regulations despite concerns

Although the tire industry has been expressing its concerns, fresh tire recycling regulations are going to be presented in Ireland by the governments in October. On September 18, a bill introducing new regulatory structures for the tire division, was signed by the Minister for communications, climate action and environment, Denis Naughten. The bill will come into force in October. According to Naughten, the document will stem the accumulations of “illegally dumped” waste tires, which take landfill space in the countryside, causing possibility of toxic fires, which may take a toll on human health. Repak ELT will operate a whole...

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Lenawee county (US) gathers over 3,000 tires at a tire collection event

On August 26, the large-tire collection event in Lenawee County, Michigan (United States) was held, where more than 3,000 tires of different sizes were gathered. According to Lenawee County Solid Waste Program manager, Diana Schroeder, the last time when similar event gathered farm tractor and semi-tractor tires in Michigan took place approximately five years ago. She wrote in an email that the event turned out to be more successful than the organizers initially expected. Schroeder expressed the organization’s gratitude to Lenawee County community for its patience when queuing to hand over their used tires and for its contribution to...

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More than 800 tons of tires sent for reprocessing from Puerto Rico to South Korea

829 tons of used tires were transported by The Solid Waste Management Division under the Department of Public Works to South Korea for reprocessing. The recycling facility is located at the Lower Base Transfer Station, and it passed 28 40-feet containers to a contractor to repurpose them, said Secretary of Public Works, James Ada. According to Ada, the firm is glad to have the opportunity to recycle and transport the used tires. These tires will be used for batching concrete in construction. Developing countries normally import waste tires on a seasonal basis and the recycling facility has been getting...

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Register for MERAS X and receive a book “All About Recycling” by Walid Hikmat

Register for MERAS X – the 10th Middle East Tire Recycling Symposium – before September 25 2017 and get your free copy of the book “All About Recycling – 2nd Edition” written by Walid Hikmat. MERAS X is organized by Hikmat International Recycling and aims at bringing together delegates from more than 34 countries to discuss problems and opportunities in the field of tire recycling in Middle East. The symposium invites all interested parties to those who shape recycling industry in the Middle East, to learn about new trends and discuss important current and emerging recycling issues related to...

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