Month: October 2017

Bureau of International Recycling claims crumb rubber is safe

Image: Pique News Magazine The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) revealed that PR still labels the application of tire-derived crumb rubber in synthetic turf as “extremely negative” despite a number of international researches concluding that human health CANNOT be affected by the material. On October 15, during BIR Tires & Rubber Committee assembly in New Delhi, the Chairman of Dutch tire collection group, Recybem, Barend Ten Bruggencate, said that TV programs, broadcasted in the Netherlands, have presented an unproven link between rubber granulate and health threats to human embryos. Moreover, they claimed that the leaching of the material into...

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Enviro wins tender to build tire pyrolysis plant in China

A 30,000-ton-per-year tire recycling facility for Chinese tire producer Vanlead Group will be constructed by Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB (Enviro), as the Swedish company was the only firm winning the final stage of a tender process, as informed by Enviro on October 26. The official tender certificate is expected to be issued within several days; the document will allow these two international companies to come up with final agreement on construction of the plant. The facility will be built in Guangzhou, China, where Vanlead owns an industrial site. According to Enviro’s CEO, Thomas Sorensson, Vanled, being one of the...

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Irish tire industry wants to revisit waste tire management plan

Image source: Belfast Telegrapgh Irish tire industry expressed its anxiety as for the effectiveness of the new tire recycling plan, which follows new legal principles as outlined by the Waste Management (Tires and Waste Tires) Regulations 2017. These anxieties have not been overlooked by the plan, which makes businesses “frustrated and angry”, said President of Irish Tire Industry Association (ITIA), Paddy Murphy. He addressed this announcement to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Climate and Environment and urged it to repeal the new laws, or to endorse regulations that will look at three crucial issues that are of concern...

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How Brexit may shape tire recycling in Great Britain

Tyre and Rubber Recycling, a British magazine, shared its views on affairs surrounding hotly debated Brexit and its possible impact on tire recycling. However, the magazine’s editorial team highlighted that neither British members of parliament, nor special observers including their staff writers, can be hundred percent sure as for the outcomes of Brexit when making their forecasts. The country is now divided – some people are against Brexit, and some support the idea of leaving the EU and being completely freed from EU laws in trading. Nevertheless, the group of Brexit supporters are ignorant, as the EU demands obedience of...

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Key insights into Global Rubber Pulverizers Market Report 2017

Image source: Radburg Tires Global Rubber Pulverizers Market presented a report covering rubber pulverizers and their types, definition and application of products. The report presents helpful insight into the rubber pulverizing industry thorough classification based on manufacturing region, key companies and types of product. In addition, this report elaborates on competitive scenario of the major market players based on the sales revenue, customer demands, company profile, the business tactics used in the market which will help the emerging market segments in making vital business decisions. The report is divided into key geographic areas: Europe, Africa, North America, China, India,...

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