Month: November 2017

World’s leading tire companies progress in sustainability research

Research projects that address major sustainability issues keep on showing progress. Eleven CEOs of leading tire companies shared new results of current international researches investigating impacts that tires can have on human health and environment. The Tire Industry Project (TIP) is the organization that unites 11 CEO’s of the most powerful companies in tire industry. The group was founded in 2005 to carry out researches and promote solutions to sustainability problems linked to the life cycle of tires. TIP is a proactive association, managed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The main highlights of TIP’s recent...

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Recologica effectively recycles tires in Venezuela

In 2013, Venezuela has seen the launch of a tire recycling company, Recologica, which aimed to address disposal of end-of-life tires (ELT) at landfills and scrapyards. The company converts scrap tires into marketable products using tire recycling machinery to reduce size of scrap tire rubber and filter out metal and textile. Recologica has a status of an eco-friendly business that deals with environmental problems – scrap tires which pose threat to human health and environment throughout the world, including Venezuela. The concept of “circular economy”, which has received approval of the European Union, is the fundamental principal of the...

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Improper tire disposal increases after Saskatchewan tire recycling program put on hold

An initiative that was launched to remove scrap tires on farmlands and private areas in Saskatchewan has now stopped its operation after a decision by the Ministry of Environment. This step has saddened numerous provincial residents. A councilor for the rural municipality of Parkdale, Leslie Clark, said that the problem has become “an eyesore”. The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation proposed its project, the Black Gold Rush, which provided landowners with the chance to recycle tires free of charge. In June, the project came to a halt, but prior to the decision, 227 rural municipalities in Saskatchewan experienced the advantages...

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Developing tire recycling in Argentina

A tire collection program is now being developed by Argentina’s National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) in association with the Permanent Works Commission for the Recycling of Waste Tires. The tires collected from the state’s national parks will be delivered to the Regomax tire recycling plant. Annually, approximately 130,000 tons of scrap tires arise in Argentina, but now the state recycles only a small share of them. At this stage, only 10 per cent of officials in Buenos Aires area have supported the project. A graduate of INTI’s rubber division, Karina Potarsky, said it was uncertain what will happen...

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Meet Robert Weibold at The Big 5 International Building and Construction Show in Dubai on November 26-29

This November, Robert Weibold is attending The Big 5 International Building and Construction Show in Dubai. To schedule a personal meeting on November 26-29, please send a message to The Big 5 is the largest construction trade show in the Middle East, and it will be taking place at Dubai World Trade Center on November 26-29, 2017. This year, thousands of key construction equipment and material suppliers will exhibit at the show. The Big 5 gives tire recyclers a perfect opportunity to meet business partners and potential customers in construction industry and build sales channels for products from rubber...

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