Month: December 2017

Argentinian company makes shoes from scrap tires and creates jobs for single mothers

Argentina disposes more than 100,000 tons of used and waste tires annually. Most of them are incinerated, which augments national air pollution problem. The desire to tackle this problem was at the core of a startup, which Alejandro Malgor and his friends, Ezequiel Gatti and Nazareno El Hom, lauched in 2013. Their company, Xinca, uses the discarded tires to produce shoes. The businessmen are also concerned with tackling the issue of unemployment – they specifically target single mothers, dwelling in Mendoza, and create jobs for them. Production mainly takes place in rural areas, and 25 local women are already...

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Illinois EPA completes used tire removal in St. Clair County and East St. Louis

Tire removal procedures are now officially over in the Metropolitan area of East St. Louis, according to Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Director, Alec Messina. According to the Illinois EPA, the procedures that involved used tire removal from abandoned and public lands were initiated as one of the methods to help local authorities in provision and maintenance of a safe and clean environment. Messina says that the success of the initiative is due to well-organized actions undertaken by local partners of the authorities. It was essential to carry out the collection procedures to get rid of the dangers that...

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New tire recycling system cutting carbon emissions

Green Carbon has started developing an environment-friendly low-emission tire recycling system in collaboration with Caterpillar Power Systems. Green Carbon’s TVR System and Caterpillar’s specially designed generator are used by the generation system; the technology secures electricity production, which is required for the system’s operation. Synthetic gas, which is produced from scrap tires, rubber tracks and belting, is used by the system. An Earth Shift Global’s life cycle estimation has predicted that millions of pounds of CO2 emissions will be reduced by the system. By the end of March 2018, Green Carbon co-founders, Fred Taylor and Phil Wilson, may release...

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Brisbane tire recycling facility owner to pay $40,000 clean-up bill over fire

A clean-up bill of $40,000 has been handed to a businessman from Brisbane – a fire that took place at his tire recycling facility this June, is claimed to have caused environmental harm. On June 27, the fire broke out at Tyremil on Grindle Road in Rocklea. Starting from 7 am till the very evening, more than 10 fire crews had been damping the site and separating stacks of tires. On the blaze day, both the Environmental Protection Agency and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services scientific officers attended the site to evaluate possible threats to residents and environment. Tony...

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Halcyon Agri will spend $105.3 million acquiring four Indonesian crumb rubber plants

Four Indonesian crumb rubber plants will be purchased for $105.3 million by natural rubber producer, Halcyon Agri Corporation. On December 5, the corporation entered into a memorandum agreement, which already legally obligates two vendors, Sjahrir Iskandar and Liauw Chiang Sioe, to allow the purchase of the total stake in PT Sumber Alam (PTSA) and PT Sumber Djantin (PTSD). The four factories are based at West Kalimantan and can manufacture a variety of grades of Standard Indonesian Rubber. A total annual licensed export capacity has been estimated at 132,000 tons. The scale and scope of Halcyon Agri’s natural rubber recycling...

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