Ontario’s Niagara Falls will host the 2018 Rubber Recycling Symposium on November 7-8 where the issues of sustainability will be considered both at local and global scale.

The symposium will begin with the event that will shed light on the situation in the world with tire recycling and sustainable programs; a multitude of global researchers and specialists will present their speeches outlining what trends and regulations now apply to sustainable businesses.

Next discussions will consider the subjects connected to the future of tire recycling and production; they will touch upon existing opportunities and problems associated with industrial use of recycled rubber, recovered carbon black and several other sustainable options capable of replacing conventional materials.

The Tire and Rubber Association of Canada and the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association jointly curate the event “Taking Sustainability to the Next Level”. The sponsor is eTracks Tire Management Systems.

The invited speakers will also share their expertise of producers’ duties as part of individual producer responsibility that will become essential component in Ontario Tire Stewardship; numerous CEOs will help visitors get the understanding of the crucial factor during a specially designed TRAC symposium where the networking opportunities will be also provided.

Moreover, the attendees will get a chance to learn about sustainable markets, demand for TDF, rubberized asphalt and how to find the best markets.

To learn more about the event and register, please visit the official website.