Month: January 2018

Bamberg County in South Carolina gets funding to develop tire recycling

More than $250,000 in grants provided by a South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is now being used by Bamberg County to advance the region’s waste tire recycling. Used tires can now be recycled by Bamberg’s locals at eight spots for recycling located in the region. If they dispose no more than five tires annually, they will not be charged for the service. Once the limit of five tires is exceeded, clients will have to pay a fee of $150 for each ton. The authorization of DHEC’s Waste Tire Recycling Grant Program became possible thanks to the...

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Munster Tire Recycling celebrates 10 years of service in Ireland

Munster Tire Recycling has celebrated its 10th anniversary of operation in Munster. As an experienced waste tire recycler, collector and preprocessor, company offers to its clients customized and unfailing services. The business is now serving the entire Munster, offering economical services and recycling a wide range of tires, including aircraft tires. The business is located in Killorglin, Co. Kerry, and is owned by Mike Ahern. In 2006, the businessman decided to launch the company after he visited a recycling conference in Dundalk, Co. Louth. Munster Tire Recycling, which handles scrap tire recycling and disposal, was launched by Ahern and...

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Outraged Azerbaijani used tire traders protest against tax increase

This January, Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku, witnessed a protest initiated by used tire dealers and wheel suppliers, as informed by RadioFreeEurope. Activists have gathered on the streets of Baku to protest against the tax raise, and they demanded its invalidation. According to some news sources, the protesters wanted to stop tripling of the import duties on tires. Supporters of these duties believe that they will reinforce the demand for Azerbaijani tire manufacturing. 45,000 manats, or USD 26400– this was a new increased fee for a unit with 2,000 used car tires on January 1, according to RadioFreeEurope. Thus, a...

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Illegal tire dumping causes frustration among Alabama’s Limestone County officials

Limestone County’s representatives regularly appeal to the local community with requests to stop dumping waste on public roadsides. The preference of this way of dumping over landfill use provided by the Republic Services utterly frustrates them. In addition, the dumping of scrap tires must be carried out at a licensed landfill or sent to a tire recycling plant. On January 10, during the commission’s work session, District 3 Commissioner Jason Black revealed his plan to ask the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office to examine some of his past cases of tire dumping. According to Black, after the launch of the...

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Irish tire collector in court for deceptive marketing

The High Court case against Daniel McHugh, or Delvin Tyres, Co Westmeath, has been initiated by Repak ELT in Ireland. The organization endorsed by the officials and which runs the state tire recycling program has started a trial against a tire collection company, which used deceptive operational and promotional strategies. According to Stephen Dowling BL, Repak ELT’s representative, the company is now anxious that McHugh’s business can severely harm Repak’s reputation. On January 16, the complainant was given permission to officially notify about the interdict on Delvin Tyres by Mr Justice Tony O’Connor, which concentrated exclusively on the interest...

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