For 20 years, a tire recycling program in New Brunswick has been in operation. The Tire Stewardship Program has recycled some 20 million passenger tires from the landfills in the province since 1996.

CEO of Recycle NB Pat McCarthy says an important component to the success of the program is the Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation in Minto, well known as TRACC. The company with staff of some 50 people turns end of life tires (ELT) into value-added products such as garden mulch, playground covers and livestock mats and sells them all over the world. McCarthy asserts that hundreds of tire retailers, garages and collectors throughout New Brunswick are also vital to the program. Several partners of the program received certificates of appreciation from Environment Minister Serge Rousselle during an event in Fredericton last week.


Pat McCarthy summons residents to continue supporting the program by leaving over end of life tires at any tire retailer or garage in their area.

Article source: iheartradio.ca