In the face of ever-increasing prices of precious materials, different recycling programs take off worldwide. Some of them are focused at the recovery of particular materials, e.g. plastic, paper, pulp or tire recycling. Yet, there is another kind of more comprehensive recycling programs which strain after making far-reaching impact in the society.

Recycling International says that end-of-life vehicles are now going to be recycled in Kazakhstan and this is supposed to reduce the number of polluting and unsafe cars in the country.

The program was initiated by the government and supported by the association of Kazakhstan car businesses and automobile manufacturers. Local media claim that the program aims at bringing about 10000 cars to a recycling yard by the end of 2016. According to the same source, a car shouldn’t exceed 3.5 tons and have not more than 7 seats. When an owner brings a car to a recycling yard, he receives a compensation of 140$ to 450$. The exact amount of compensation depends on the condition of vehicle. The car recycling program in Kazakhstan aims not only at making driving safer and environment cleaner, but also at creating more new jobs and promoting entrepreneurship in the country.

History shows that once a car recycling program in any country is launched it is often supplemented by recycling  programs focused particular materials, i.e. tires, batteries, etc.

Article source: Recycling International