Weibold is an international consulting company specialized exclusively on tire recycling and end-of-life tire pyrolysis since 1999. Learn who we are, what we do and how we can help you.


Weibold is an international consulting company specialized exclusively on tire recycling and end-of-life tire pyrolysis since 1999. Our mission is to help companies build successful and flourishing tire recycling and related business.

The core of the Weibold’s competence is 18-year experience of independent consulting in tire recycling, pyrolysis and related fields, as well as rubber granulate trading. Weibold’s team maintains liaison with vast network of suppliers and customers around the world. This provides us with first-hand information on markets, innovative products, upgrades to tire recycling technologies, changes to tire recycling regulations, etc.


Multinational team of Weibold is composed of experts with different professional and academic backgrounds such as chemistry, engineering, finance, etc. Weibold collaborates with global leaders and innovators in tire recycling industry. Our team is actively involved in laboratory tests on recycled rubber products, and R&D partnerships around the world.

Our collaboration with research institutions lets us monitor technology advances in rubber powder production, crumb rubber surface activation, superficial modification, devulcanization, tire pyrolysis, blends of thermoplastic (e.g. TPE, TPV) and rubber powder, etc.


Consulting services offered by Weibold target both new and well-established tire recycling companies. Companies that just plan to launch tire recycling business receive our support in market researches, technology reviews and feasibility studies, which serve as a foundation for bankable business plans. In our business plans, we precisely define which products and markets our customers should target, which production and sales strategies they should follow to maximize ROI and build their business up. At the same time, Weibold’s services ease clients’ access to funding.

On the next level, we support our clients in evaluating, testing and purchasing tire recycling equipment. As a rule, this type of services is supplemented by staff training and plant management guidance. Finally, we engage in sales support aiming to identify the most beneficial partnerships and business opportunities our customers would profit from.


Since 1999, we carried out more than 200 projects in tire recycling consulting on markets worldwide on behalf of tire recyclers, investment companies and individual investors! Turn to us for help and we will apply our industry insights and experience to maximize your profit.

Weibold will put your tire recycling business on a sustainable footing from the first days of operation! Our rock-solid reputation is a guarantee of your success! 


Over 18 years in tire recycling consulting, we carried out more than 200 projects related to various sides of tire recycling, including: molded goods production, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), rubberized asphalt, pyrolysis product market, devulcanization and superficial modification of crumb rubber, tire collection system, etc.

Our clients include: tire recyclers, tire manufacturers, tire collectors, tire pyrolysis operators, rubber industry representatives, waste management contractors, public administrations, researchers and laboratories, investors and many more industry representatives.



Our team is composed of experts with different professional and academic backgrounds. We collaborate with pioneers of tire recycling industry, take part in laboratory tests on recycled rubber products and partner up with R&D organizations worldwide.

Mag. Robert Weibold


After graduation from the University of Business Administration and Economics in Vienna, Robert joined Sterz KEG Rohstoffe in 1997, specialized in secondary raw material trading. Two years later he founded his own business for trading rubber granulate/powder and supporting tire recyclers in their sales efforts. Robert had been head of project management for several turn-key tire recycling projects. Since 2009, he has been focusing on tire recycling and pyrolysis consulting and carried out 200+ projects around the world.

Mohamed Saad El Jai

Representative in MENA

Mohamed worked as research consultant at DAI under USAID’s Morocco Economic Competitiveness program. He specialized in cold chain logistics, business and legal environment development, and sustainable solid waste management. Joined Weibold in 2013 and has been supporting the team in designing business plans and market studies for numerous of tire recycling projects worldwide; specialized in MENA countries. Mohamed is fluent in Arabic, French and English.

José Manuel Etchegaray Delgado

Representative in Americas

Founder of ME Solutions, a multi-service company based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Manuel worked as investment advisor for more than 10 years. Interested in environment-friendly technologies, Manuel worked with young tire recycling companies to explore emerging market opportunities. Manuel has a broad experience in client-focused service, approaching desired markets and designing networking strategies.

Ing. Franz Theuer


After managing Semperit/Conti Irleand as head of production for more than 16 years, Mr. Theuer returned to Semperit Austria. With over 40 years of experience in tire industry, he retired and became Vice-President of the European Tire Recycling Association (ETRA). Apart from that, he served as a consultant for IBM Austria. Mr. Theuer and Mr. Weibold rallied together in 2001, when they were in charge of sales at Austria’s first tire recycling company.

Andreas Kyriakos


With over 35 years of business experience in U.S., England, Singapore, Greece, Austria, and UAE, Mr. Kyriakos founded several companies associated with renewable energy, environment, IT and real estate, including an IPO in 2000. With his technological background, financial savvy, organizational know-how and team-leading experience, Mr. Kyriakos specializes in developing young companies. Currently, his business activity spans four continents.

Pavol Fehér

Tire Pyrolysis Specialist

Pavol Fehér is experienced specialist in all aspects of thermal conversion of waste materials: from feedstock preparation to end products. He used to work on R&D projects at Slovnaft Refinery and MOL Group, where he researched treatment feasibility of waste materials, particularly waste tires and plastics, and worked with technologies designed to improve pyrolysis fuels. Mr. Fehér possesses over 40 years of experience at oil refinery and in the petrochemical industry.

Louis Selinger Romero

Market Development Specialist

Louis supports the company in market development strategies, technology evaluations and market researches for tire recycling, tire retreading, molded goods and other innovative rubber-related projects in Europe and America. Louis holds a BSc in Economics and MA in Innovation and Business Management; he speaks Spanish, English, German and specializes in identifying growth potential of new markets around the world.

Nathan Quenet

Financial Specialist

Following his academic education at the Lauder Business School in Vienna where he developed a necessary foundation of knowledge in various fields, Nathan further honed his technical abilities through professional experience in international trading and accounting. Now working in French and English at Weibold, he is responsible for the financial modelling and due diligence of tire recycling projects worldwide.

Batughan Aydemir

Consulting Assistant

Batughan’s academic background is industrial engineering and IT. Batughan conducts production technology evaluation and market researches for tire recycling and pyrolysis projects. With his strong IT background, he also supports customers in information technology solutions. Turkish and English are his working languages


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Weibold is an international consulting company specialized exclusively in tire recycling and end-of-life tire pyrolysis since 1999. 

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