The use of tire-derived shreds as alternative fuel for the cement industry will be promoted in a global media campaign launched by French scrap tire management firm – Aliapur.

A year ago, Aliapur collected 43 million tires, 38 percent of which were incinerated as tire-deri ved fuel in France and abroad chiefly by cement producers.

Aliapur’s press-release states that efficiency, affordability and abundancy of this product provide many benefits to cement producers; TDF also contains 93 percent of petroleum coke and possesses the exact calorific value of coal.

Aliapur asserted that end of life tire material is a worthy alternative to expensive fossil fuels. The company also said that European countries and other states worldwide admitted the value of tire-derived shreds produced in France.

Reportedly, the media campaign by Aliapur aims to spread a word about its technologies and knowledge in the manufacturing of used tire-derived shreds with various properties, which can be tailored to clients’ demands.

Source: Aliapur