A heating company from Salamanca, NY (USA) has expanded its operation and now sells its goods outside United States and Canada – in United Kingdom.

Seneca Radiant Technology is a producer of radiant heat panels manufactured from recycled tires and intended for installation in homes and commercial facilities. Recently, Holly John, owner of the company, and his team launched Seneca Radiant UK in England.

Inventor for Seneca Radiant Gary Hydock said that radiant heating is used approximately by 90 percent of 22 million people residing in the UK, therefore the country is a good location for the firm’s office.

In mainland Europe, radiant heating is mainly used by approximately 25 countries, whereas in North America no more than 5 percent of buildings use it.

Installation photos of crumb rubber radiant heating panels by Seneca Radiant Technology

Hydock said he got acquainted with in-floor heating when he had visited Canada many years ago. His interest was triggered by the fact that the heating process wasn’t as noisy as in forced air or hot water baseboard systems.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the pioneers who brought radiant heating to North America. Hydock said that the process was partially used in Europe and Asia, and even in Ancient Rome where hot water heating stones were applied.

Hydock said that he has equipped more than 150 households with radiant heating, though he is uncertain whether the US and Canada will fully adopt this system. Radiant heating systems have been installed by Hydock in old and new houses located in Buffalo, its outskirts and Ellicottville. He wonders why only some people use this system, as it has substantial advantages, including energy saving, air quality improvement and cost reduction.

Seneca Radiant Technology website informs that the company’s radiant panels are developed from 100 percent recycled tire rubber crumb. They are installed over existing concrete slab with individual panels ¾ inches thick. Their weight does not exceed four pounds per unit.

On average, 400 tires are used to install the radiant heat product, Hydock said. He learnt many years ago how great the scope of the problem of used and scrap tires in North America was, thus he decided to find application for these tires.

According to Hydock, thousands of tires are used in production of Seneca Radiant. The company was given $70 per ton of crumb rubber by the government to create their product in Ontario, Hydock said.

The product testing took place in Georgia and Pennsylvania, with both states giving it an approval.

According to Hydock, the production will take place outside England and Canada, and it won’t be problematic to move equipment to Salamanca, NY. The technology can be easily transported and relocated less than in a week.

In 2006, Hydock’s radiant panel system were granted five stars by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) when rated at a Grand Island home, which used the panels.

Article: Salamanca Press