The Green Hive tire, growing new tread when needed

The Green Hive tire, growing new tread when needed

At this year’s Red Dot Design Awards, a concept by Nexen Tire allowing motorists to replace in a simple way the tire’s tread won the award for “Design Concept’. The so-called Green Hive wheel unit has a “rechargeable tread” and combines a rim and a tire, in which the wheel acts as a mould and a tread can be implanted inside. Under heat the compound is pushed through tread-shaped holes in the wheel.

Other awards acknowledging the innovation include the 2016 Green Good Design Awards, the 2015 A’ Design Award and the 2014 International Design Excellence Awards.

The vice-president and R&D director of Nexen Tire, Mr. Han Min-hyun said:

“Being the recipient of multiple world class global design awards highlights Nexen Tire’s capabilities. We will continue to innovate and grow into a world leader in the international tyre market. The company will put further efforts to develop innovative and pioneering products through continuous research and development.”

Article source: Tyre Press