Control room at Enviro’s rCB production site. Photo: Scandinavian Enviro Systems

A major tire manufacturer has placed its first order on Enviro’s recycled carbon black, EnviroCB, requesting immediate delivery, as Enviro informed on its website in the beginning of January.

According to Thomas Sörensson, Enviro’s CEO, at this stage, the manufacturer ordered small volume of product, however it is expected that in the future, the company will increase purchasing volume. The client is a globally represented manufacturer of tires and rubber products and the order is connected to industrial tires. Before the order was placed, exhaustive material tests were carried out.

The most significant market signal for Enviro is the growing demand for the recycled carbon black that substitutes virgin material. More clients will be able to witness advantages of the company’s original technology thanks to the increasing number of orders.

The delivered EnviroCB will be applied in manufacturing of industrial tires, which are now produced in Sri Lanka. Given that Sri Lanka pursues manufacturing expansion and is now investing in the rubber sector, the country’s market is of great interest for Enviro, according to Thomas Sörensson.

Article: Scandinavian Enviro Systems