Canada’s Tire Recycling Fees

An example of how Canada structures its gate fees to support tyre recyclers:

catra fees


3 thoughts on “Canada’s Tire Recycling Fees

  1. Thys

    Thanks and congratulations to these who could make a dime, her wire us in South Africa every thing you temp to bring up and try to implement it , been cut short by the word BLACK IN POWER MENT.See it cost me money to collect and deliver at my workplace I once invite some people up in the municipality ranks at our town, to come and witnesses my projects.
    All feed back I received frome them were, will you build a set of chairs for me, and I will look in to the matter for you.
    I did complain about the burning of tires at the ash dumping area, not n thing has been done, So I desided to collect the tyre’s and cut the wire part the ring out and then drop the rest at the dumping are, and as you all know they now burning the tyre’s for heat , and not for scrap as the wires are removed.
    If the atorrites of a land don’t care, at all
    what can one man do.
    Thanks for the news page very intresting

    1. Robert Weibold

      Dear Thys, Thanks a lot for your comments. Have you ever tried to speak to Redisa – This organisation is well organized in South Africa. They are offering advice to anybody interested in starting up a tyre recycling project. The following companies are operating quite successfully under Redisa scheme – and . Let me know if we can be of any further help. Best regards, Robert


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