Do you offer used tire recycling equipment?

Take advantage of our business matchmaking services for used tire recycling, pyrolysis and related equipment.

Currently, we are looking for a primary and a secondary shredder, ideally 15 tons/hour input capacity, 150 mm and 25 mm output respectively. Electrically driven preferred. There is also repeated demand for granulators / cracker mills capable of grinding rubber into particles smaller than 2 mm.

If your are about to sell your machinery, send your offer to!

4 thoughts on “Do you offer used tire recycling equipment?

  1. Roberto Ortega

    Dear friends,Iwould like to know about the oportunity of business with recycling tires I’apreciate very much to hear coments form You Iam real interested on it send me your coments as soon thanks regards

  2. Arrowhead International

    Dear Mr. Ortega, There are many opportunities in tires recycling. Making value added products by molding crumb rubber is very profitable. My company, Arrowhead International LLC, sells ambient turnkey systems and equipment to make value added products.


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