Enviro’s Recycled Carbon Black Approved by Volvo

Enviro Sweden Recycled Carbon Black

Enviro Sweden Recycled Carbon Black

Recycled carbon black supplier Enviro has recently announced, that Volvo Car Corp. has approved the usage of the material in chassis plugs.

According to Gothenburg-based Enviro, the manufactured by AnVa Polytech rubber plugs are made out of 100 percent recycled carbon black, which the company produces in its own plant for tire waste in Åsensbruk, Sweden. AnVa Polytech also supplies full-scale recycling plants to industrial investors.

Ku0s-bAp_400x400The patented pyrolysis process of enviro consists of a special heat distribution technology, which could produce N550-equivalent carbon black of high and consistent quality.

Enviro CEO Martin Hagbyhn

Enviro CEO Martin Hagbyhn

The Swedish company also said, that when compared to virgin rubber, the usage of their recycled carbon black allows for a “carbon dioxide reduction” of over 60 percent.

“The fact that Volvo Cars is now adopting environmental rubber that uses our recycled carbon black in its production is a major commercial breakthrough,” said Enviro CEO Martin Hagbyhn.

After this recent success at Volvo, the company is now wishing to introduce its product to a couple of big rubber manufacturers – among which is also Trelleborg Industrial.

“We’re counting on even greater demand as more companies will follow Volvo car’s lead and contribute to a sustainable rubber industry,” said Hagbyhn.

Article source: European Rubber Journal



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