First Tyre Recycler to be Awarded the PAS 107 QP Certificate

Tyre recycling company Conica Ltd has been awarded the first ever certificate for complying with the requirements of the PAS 107 Quality Protocol

Conica Pas Certificate

The Quality Protocol option (QP) accompanies the existing Publically Available Specification (PAS) 107:12 covering the manufacture and storage of size-reduced tyre-derived materials. A Quality Protocol identifies the point at which waste, having been fully recovered, may be regarded as a non-waste product that can be used in specified markets without the need for waste-management controls if its criteria are met. As such this new QP is expected to remove a significant impediment to the full valorization and proper recognition of tire-derived materials in the future. The Quality Protocol option was added to PAS 107 in December 2014 by the Tire Recovery Association (TRA) in order to support sustainable tire recycling.

During the TRA’s Recycling Day conference on the 19th of June Conica Ltd was awarded its certificate after passing the audit and inspection process. The certificate was presented to John Bramwell, Conica’s operations director, by Mike Wilson, president of the Tyre Recovery Association, and Gary Nelson, director of Abricon Ltd, presented the certificate to John Bramwell. This represents a significant milestone for the tyre recycling and recovery industry. The certificate affirms that any tyre waste that is managed and recovered using the compliant procedures at Conica can be classed as a non-waste product and is not required to be managed under waste management controls.

According to Peter Taylor, TR secretary general, the compliance certificate brings numerous benefits for its recipients since “it helps clear the way for responsible recyclers to store and distribute their treated tyre-derived materials without the difficulties of compliance to waste regulations.”

The TRA is the first Certification Body able to certify compliance with this new PAS 107 QP Quality Protocol through its existing TRA audit process. Successfully certified companies will be allowed to use the “certified recycled” tire product mark on their websites, letterhead and product material as well as display the TRA quality assurance badge.

“This compliance certificate has a great many benefits for its recipients,” said Peter Taylor, TRA Secretary General. “It helps clear the way for responsible recyclers to store and distribute their treated tyre-derived materials without the difficulties of compliance to waste regulations.”

“This will deliver significant annual savings to businesses in the TDRM (Tyre-Derived Rubber Materials) sector as well as bringing new demand. Many more organisations are already working towards their Certificate of Qualification and we encourage all relevant companies to follow Conica’s example and do the same.”

Conica can now also use the “certified recycled” tyre product mark on their website letterhead and product material as well as displaying the TRA quality assurance badge.

Commenting on the award, John Bramwell said, “All the tyres that we collect, handle and recycle as well as the rubber granules that are created from this process are tracked for full traceability and accountability. This certificate reinforces that we undertake ‘best practice’ at every stage in the process. We’re delighted to receive this award in recognition of our commitment to quality.”

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