Kuwait Municipality approves new tire recycling site

The Higher Committee for Coordination and Planning at Kuwait Municipality issued a recommendation yesterday to assign a location in Naayem as the new site to collect used tires in the country. Six recycling plants would be relocated to the two-million square meters site as per the recommendation that came based on a request from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Acting Director of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said the committee discussed several topics on the agenda, including solid waste, used tires, temporary slaughter house and advertisements.

Al-Manfouhi lauded the efforts of the commerce and industry ministry to solve the problem of the site where used tires are currently disposed of, saying that removing the site eliminates one of the main obstacles standing in front of carrying out the South Saad Al-Abdullah housing project

Article source: http://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/municipality-approves-new-tire-recycling-site/

6 thoughts on “Kuwait Municipality approves new tire recycling site

  1. MS Al Mamun

    I am interested to purchase the used tires. I have an overseas market for used tires. How I can purchase these ? Please let me know the process.
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    MS Al Mamun

    1. marixandolo

      Dear Sir or Madam,

      Can you please send us your full contact details including company name, telephone number and ideally Skype ID?
      We will then get in touch with you.

      What you need the tyres for and how much volume do you need?

      Kind regards,
      Robert Weibold

      1. marixandolo

        Dear Mr. Sithole,

        Thanks for your message. This post was from 27th March 2016. I am afraid, there is no need for tyre imports from South Africa.

        Kind regards,
        Robert Weibold

  2. Capt. Shah

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