Lenawee county gathers over 3,000 tires at a tire collection event

Image: https://dpw.lacounty.gov

On August 26, the large-tire collection event in Lenawee County, Michigan (United States) was held, where more than 3,000 tires of different sizes were gathered.

According to Lenawee County Solid Waste Program manager, Diana Schroeder, the last time when similar event gathered farm tractor and semi-tractor tires in Michigan took place approximately five years ago.

She wrote in an email that the event turned out to be more successful than the organizers initially expected. Schroeder expressed the organization’s gratitude to Lenawee County community for its patience when queuing to hand over their used tires and for its contribution to the eco-process of waste tires recycling. Continue reading

More than 800 tons of tires sent for reprocessing to South Korea

829 tons of used tires were transported by The Solid Waste Management Division under the Department of Public Works to South Korea for reprocessing.

The recycling facility is located at the Lower Base Transfer Station, and it passed 28 40-feet containers to a contractor to repurpose them, said Secretary of Public Works, James Ada.

According to Ada, the firm is glad to have the opportunity to recycle and transport the used tires. These tires will be used for batching concrete in construction. Developing countries normally import waste tires on a seasonal basis and the recycling facility has been getting the material in excess for many consecutive years. Continue reading

Register for MERAS X and receive a book “All About Recycling” by Walid Hikmat

Register for MERAS X – the 10th Middle East Tire Recycling Symposium – before September 25 2017 and get your free copy of the book “All About Recycling – 2nd Edition” written by Walid Hikmat.

MERAS X is organized by Hikmat International Recycling and aims at bringing together delegates from more than 34 countries to discuss problems and opportunities in the field of tire recycling in Middle East. The symposium invites all interested parties to those who shape recycling industry in the Middle East, to learn about new trends and discuss important current and emerging recycling issues related to the GCC and Middle East region.

The two-day event provides opportunities for tire recycling companies to network, lay a foundation for collaboration, establish business relationships and consider new ideas, for MERAS X will be oriented at sharing and learning. This time, the main emphasis of the symposium will be tire recycling technologies and applications. Continue reading

MCS obtained tire processing permit in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provided a scrap tire recycler, Maryville Carbon Solutions (MCS), with a Scrap Tire Processing Facility Operating Permit in the beginning of August this year. As a result of this step, the overall number of permitted state’s processors now total at 21.

Even though the firm is based in Maryville, Missouri, the company belongs to Bolder Industries, which is located in Colorado and specializes in production of Bolder Black – the material that the company claims to be an environment-friendly substitute to conventional carbon black. Continue reading

Bavarian Kraiburg expands its rubber mats plant

The expansion of production capacity for rubber mats was recently carried out by Gummiwerk Kraiburg Elastik GmbH & Co. KG – the company added a new manufacturing hall on the premises of its Tittmoning location.

The total cost of the expansion initiative is €10 million. It involved installation of a new press capable of producing around 700,000 square meters of rubber mats annually. The expansion has resulted in the increase of the annual capacity at this facility up to 2,5 million square meters of the animal-welfare products. Continue reading

Natural rubber prices slowly stabilize after sales increase in Far East

After sharp hikes and reversals of the natural rubber (NR) prices, which the market was witnessing in first half of 2017, the rates now see improvements, potentially leading to stabilization.

A recovery in crude oil price drove sales in Far East markets in July and August. Moreover, the negative influence that higher rubber inventories had on local futures markets resulted in the expansion of commercial deals to Far East. Continue reading

Liberty Tire Recycling assigns Thomas Womble new CEO

Thomas Womble, chief executive officer, Liberty Tire Recycling (Source: PR News)

Liberty Tire Recycling has recently appointed Thomas Womble its new CEO. The new head has been with the company more than 16 years, has served as the chief operating officer and was responsible for supervision of everyday operations for 28 manufacturing locations in both the United States and Canada. Continue reading

September issue of Tire Recycling Insights is out!

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weibold! Academy: waste tires in civil engineering

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Month by month, our weibold! Academy series dwells deeper into the world of tire recycling and highlights different sides of running this business. In case you have missed our previous articles, you can find the links at the end of this post.

Waste tires in civil engineering

When their lifecycle is over, tires are usually brought to recycling facilities where some of them are shredded into small pieces. As a rule, sizes depend on end applications. Bigger ones find their next life at playgrounds as rubber mulch ensuring kinds’ safety and soft landing at the end of the slide.  Smaller pieces – crumb rubber – are molded into rubber tiles that make cement floors more comfortable for weight lifters, kitchen staff, workers of storage facilities, children on playgrounds, etc. These are the most conventional uses for crumb rubber from tires. Continue reading

“All About Recycling – 2nd Edition” by Walid Hikmat

Hikmat International Recycling based in UAE has announced publishing a book “All About Recycling Book – 2nd Edition.”

Currently, the book is on its way to the printing press. Everybody who is interested in purchasing a copy of the book with 50% discount before September 10, 2017 should contact Mr. Hikmat. Original price without discount and including shipping is $275 per copy.

The 158-page book is printed on B4 size, full color, 80 GSM white paper with hard cover, all deliveries are carried out through courier service.

To see the content of the book, please consider this attachment.

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