California pushes forward tire recycling legislation

The plan to boost tire recycling rate via endorsing legislation with the help of United States Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) is now being considered by California. AB 509, sponsored by Assembly Member Jim Frazier, would transform the existing municipal tire recycling grant scheme into an impellent program to support expansion of the use of tire-derived materials. The step also provides Cal Recycle, which is the state scrap tire monitoring organ, with power to introduce additional tire fees on tire dealers, which will cover administrative expenses needed for the program.

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Why South Africa aims at liquidation of Redisa

The liquidation of Redisa provokes concerns over the government’s capability to ensure rational management of thousands of tons of waste tires accumulated in South Africa.

Despite the fact that it is still not clear how the department of environmental affairs will craft their long-term solution for waste tire processing, the fight between the minister and the organization responsible for waste tire recycling has not led to staggering piles of used tires, as it was first predicted.

June 1 was the day when the minister was given a provisional liquidation order against the Recycling & Economic Development Initiative of South Africa. Redisa’s representatives are now contending its shutdown. The case was taken to the Cape high court this July. Continue reading

Tire recycling grants in United States

Kansas KDHE announces waste tire grants

The winners of the 2017 Green School Grants have been chosen and waste tire recycling grants have been announced by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and Bureau of Waste Management (BWM). The grants are normally received by municipalities and school districts all over Kansas; this year, the total sum of the grants is estimated to be more than $513,000.

In total, $117,283 have been awarded as part of the Green Schools Grants from the BWM this year. They have been provided to 31 schools of Kansas in 2017; the sums of each award range from $300 up to $4,500. The money will be used during 2017-2018 by schools to sponsor compost initiatives for cafeteria waste, recycling bins, re-usable water bottles and field trips to community processing centers. Continue reading

Entech’s production capacity increases fourfold

Thermoplastic elastomer applications of Entech’s MRP

Entech expects to increase the amount of micronized rubber powder (MRP) produced from end-of-life tires, as the company made a generous investment right after the firm has obtained ISO certification.

Neal Frey, Entech’s VP of Business Development, revealed that the investment was needed to open possibilities to deal with new thermoplastic applications and new tire manufacturing. He said that the company was motivated by a chance to work on thermoplastic injection molding, thermoforming, rotational molding and extrusion. Continue reading

Kuzbass becomes Russia’s OTR tire recycling hub

The coal producers based in Kuzbass, or Kuznetsky Coal Basin, in Kemerovo Oblast, need to alter the contract terms while purchasing off-the-road tyres (OTR), so it could prevent the processing of these tires outside the region, said the deputy governor of Kemerovo Oblast, Ekaterina Kutilkina.

The official explained that in accordance with the current state’s environmental-protection law, importers or producers are required to follow one of the two options: to recycle tyres, or to choose paying the tyre utilization fee, which forms the federal budget. Continue reading

Gomavial Solutions covers projects from tire barriers to footwear


Gomavial solutions is a Spanish company that works with end-of-life tires to manufacture various rubber products. Initially, Gomavial was launched by three companions, who wanted to bring to life their idea of novel type of road crash barriers to diminishing perils of injury for motor bikes in case of accident.

Since 2006, 500,000 tons of used tires have been accumulated in Spain and, surprisingly, only 50% of this stock has been reprocessed. The main tire dump is located in the south of Madrid, and it serves as an indication that used tires pose a huge environmental threat to the state. To accumulate 5 million tires, the plot of land of 117,000 square meters needed less than 15 years. Continue reading

Get $100 discount to attend MERAS X tire recycling conference in UAE on Oct 17-18!

Organized by Hikmat International Recycling, MERAS X aims at bringing together delegates from more than 34 countries to discuss problems and opportunities in the field of tire recycling in Middle East. The symposium invites all interested parties to hear from others who are making difference, to learn about new trends and discuss important current and emerging recycling issues related to the GCC and Middle East region.

The two-day event provides opportunities for tire recycling companies to network, lay a foundation for collaboration, establish business relationships and consider new ideas, for MERAS X will be oriented at sharing and learning. This time, the main emphasis of the symposium will be tire recycling technologies and applications. Continue reading

Bureaucracy hampers tire recycling in Russia


Given palpable growth of demand for rubber granules in Moscow Oblast this year, a tire recycling company Neva Secondary Materials (Nevavtorsyrie), now pursues expansion of its operational capacity, planning to process around 36,000 metric tons of tires annually, instead of 2,500 metric tons, revealed the firm’s CEO, Sergey Larin. The firm is based in St. Petersburg and operates one of the biggest tire recycling facilities in North-West federal district of Russia.

Sergey Larin said that the installation of the new production line was almost completed, therefore the expansion of the capacity is expected to be achieved approximately in the beginning of the second half of 2017. Continue reading

Gary council backs tire recycling plant construction


On July 5, the Gary Common Council endorsed two decrees, recognizing special use zoning permits; the land, which is estimated to be 40 acres, will be used for construction of a tire recycling facility.

To get permission for Re-Energize of IN LLC to develop a recycling plant there, the decrees, which are still being decided upon, call for a spot at 1125-1225 Martin Luther King Drive for rezoning. Continue reading

Recycling gives second life to massive OTR tires

Tires literally serve as a foundation for transportation in North America. According to data from 2015, there are approximately 300 million transport units on roads and highways in Canada and the United States. Simple computation suggests that at any time, 1.2 billion tires can be in contact with highway surface.

Obviously, once those tires are out-of-life, it is necessary to store them somewhere, for example, in a landfill. But this is an old-fashioned practice, as more innovations in tire recycling have been introduced.  These advances signify that a big number of end-of-life tires undergo shredding and new products are created from the recycled rubber.

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