Synthetic Turf Council’s statement on crumb rubber infill in Netherlands

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Recent news is coming from Netherlands which issued a ban to participate in sports on synthetic turf fields. The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) respectfully expresses disagreement with this ban. Committed to safety and transparency, the STC welcomes a thorough scientific testing of recycled rubber infill. The STC encourages the authorities to examine the researches which already exist, including more than 90 scientific studies which prove there is no interconnection between recycled rubber powder and any human health problems.

Since 2007, more than 500 million square meters of synthetic turf fields have been installed, whereas recycled rubber powder is by far the best and the largest performance infill (more than 95%) used for sports fields. Millions of kids around the globe play on these surfaces and there have been no scientific reports linking recycled rubber infill to any health problems including cancer. Infill from recycled rubber yields a lot of benefits, including shock absorption, traction, anti slippery floor applications, increasing turf longevity and diverting millions of tires from junkyards and landfills. The STC also notes that the recycled rubber as infill in sports fields is actually the equivalent of what is used throughout the economy in plenty of other applications, such as sneakers, hoses and rubber flooring in hospitals.

Synthetic Turf Council suggests examining the following source which reveals truth about recycled rubber.

Article source: Synthetic Turf Council

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