Senegalese artist Amadou Fatoumata Ba finds scrap tyres to turn into functional pieces of furniture.

artist tires 2

The artist begins his creative process by picking up trash, but his work isn’t focussed on sustainable design. Ba is fascinated with the sturdiness and history behind the discarded tyres. Working only at night, the artist creates sculptural seating and other art pieces using worn-out tyres that he finds in the street.

“I like them because they’re indestructible,” he says. “And when I start a piece, I never know where it will end up.”

Ba discovered his appreciation for old tyres in 2001. After working for one year, Ba managed to launch his first installation, titled African Tempo. Now, working in his studio in the suburbs of Dakar, Ba creates well-known, junk-inspired pieces which include chairs, sofas and other sculptural structures.

artist tires

In 2014, Ba was part of a collective of artists called Les Petites Pierres. They turned the streets of Grand Dakar, Ouakam and Medina into interactive art spaces for the first “Festival Interference”. The event is a week-long street performance festival that the group organised to coincide with the 10th Biennale of Contemporary African Art.

Article and images source: DESIGN INDABA