Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA) seeks policy level changes to propel tire exports in India. ATMA’s Chairman Satish Sharma says that the association welcomes competition, but seeks for suitable policies that will provide the manufacturers with a level playing field. In addition, Sharma said that the association wants a policy which would double its exports.

Today, a number of serious players in tire industry with manufacturing facilities in India pose severe competition to domestic players. With regard to exports, Sharma claims it has potential to double in three years. Currently, the exports contribution rate fluctuates about 15 percent of the total automobile industry. Sharma, who also serves as a president of Apollo Tyres Ltd for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, asserts that the share could be 30 percent in some three years from now.

He also told reporters about vast number of new jobs (including supply chain) which such a boost in exports would create. In addition, Sharma commented on the work of a third-party agency which makes a study on the automotive tire industry. According to him, the report should be released in about two month.

Later, Sharma elaborated on domestic truck and bus radial (TBR) industry which deteriorated locally, but grew for Chinese manufacturers who engaged in imports in India. According to ATMA, last month India’s import of bus and truck radial tires accounted for some 120,000 units per, which was the peak so far. Eventually, this incurs a substantial replacement of TBR demand in India.

As regards to truck and bus radial tire imports from China, Sharma claims the ATMA appealed to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to accelerate adoption of anti-dumping measures on truck and bus radial tire imports from China to sustain and safeguard domestic tire industry.

Article source: India Times