The world’s first tire recycling plant, which will process extra-large tires, including huge mining dump truck tires, will start operation in 2018 in Western Australia. The facility will be located close to the city of Perth at the branch of Tytec.

The Tytec Group has teamed up with an international award-wining tire recycling company, Green Distillation Technologies, to build the new plant. Two companies have already established Tytec Recycling Pty Ltd based in Perth, which will be responsible for finding the most cost-effective way for OTR (off-the-road) tire recycling.

The first in Australia and in the world technology that can recycle even end-of-life tires larger than OTR, has been created by Green Distillation technologies. Scrap tires are recycled into carbon black, fuel oil and steel. The procedure is referred to as ‘destructive distillation’. It won’t just crumb or cut rubber – it will recycle tires entirely and will become the core technology of the plant.

Mining dump trucks use huge OTR tires and their rim sizes range between 23 and 63 inches. The delivery of OTR tires to the new facility will be handled by Tytec Logistics. The company holds 75% of Australia’s OTR logistics market; it also works with extra large tires and offers storage services.

The facility will have a recycling capacity of 5,000 tons of OTR tires. This will enable the company to extract 2 million liters of oil, 1,000 ton of steel and 2,000 tons of carbon black.

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