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Tire recycling art helps communities in Colombia

The ONG Trec Art started its work about two years ago. Their main goal is the improvement of the quality of life of communities through art, culture, innovative pedagogy; They are part of a net of organizations that work towards the recovery of public spaces called IE CHO (the good path in native Muisca language) They are an organization mainly composed by Young people looking to benefit communities through environmental pedagogy at a local, national and international level. They promote social change and the betterment of spaces, fomenting social economy, human rights and pedagogy and practice as a transversal axis. They...

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Auction items for sale: This is a bid spotter timed internet auction

Featuring: Tire shredder: “as a system” November 1999 ssi shredding systems Inc. Model 6000-hd tire shredder, s/n 91123-6000hd hydraulic powered by 2 – 200 horsepower motors/pumps, sold as a lot with hydraulic powered rotary screen with independent hydraulic power source, conveyors, vibratory sizing screen all connecting cables, shed with all electrical connections, spare cutters, screen, and miscellaneous spares. * saturn tire shredder, not in service, no visual numbers on unit, twin electric-hydraulic power sources skid mounted, inspection required * Tire grinder: “as a system” 2009 tire face grinding system model Cm-Otrg Giant Otr grinder with 12’ maximum diameter capabilities, SWECO vibratory separator sizing system with all conveyors, transformers, cables, product elevators, 7-21-2009 Excavators & loader: case 9050b hydraulic excavator s/n eac0501222, comes with mounted caterpillar vibra-ram model s-50 hydraulic shear, 1997, s/n 3kw00066, plus forward boom and bucket * John Deere 230lc hydraulic excavator, s/n efo230x0296 * 2007 John Deere 724j rubber tired loader, s/n dw724jx510055 * Terex model 33c rubber tired loader, 7337 hours on clock, s/n 21691 * Trailers: 40’ fruehauf t/a highboy trailer, s/n 32n173202, last inspection 2014 * 40’ sea container (open top) * 20’ sea container * 30’ s/a trailer * brindle reel trailer with hydraulic lift s/n 1l90r1215bg085990 * trailer factory reel trailer s/n 2t9ftb88120141706 * Loader and skidsteer attachments: 2– grapple attachments for skidsteer * hydraulic opening hopper bottom bucket for skidsteer...

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South Africa Postpones Environmental Tire Levy

According to a disclosure by the South Africa’s National Treasury, the environmental tire levy will not be introduced until February 1, 2017, instead of from October 1 as had been planned. The reason for the postponement is to allow time for the South African Revenue Service to conduct further consultations with all affected parties on the practical arrangements for its implementation. The Government announced in the 2015/16 Budget that an environmental levy to encourage tire recycling would be introduced at a rate of ZAR2.30 (USD0.17) per kilogram. Revenues from the levy are to be deposited into the National Revenue Fund, and an allocation will be made available through the budget of the Department of Environmental Affairs for the recycling of waste tires. All producers and importers of tires will be required to fully participate in the implementation process.   Article source: Tax – News

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100 million tires recycled in Alberta since early 90s

One of Canada’s first tire recycling programs is taking on six million tires annually Alberta’s tire recycling program has reached a significant milestone. One hundred million tires have been recycled since the program’s inception in 1992. “This achievement shows Albertans’ commitment to protecting the environment is stronger than ever,” said Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks. “It means that in every community there is a determination to do the right thing. Through Alberta’s tire recycling program, valuable material is diverted from landfills and recycled, creating jobs and new products that come back full-circle into our communities.” Alberta has one of the first tire recycling programs in Canada. It is very successful, with approximately six million tires recycled annually. “Albertans, municipalities, tire and vehicle retailers and the province’s recycling industry should be proud of this achievement and their contribution to eliminating tires from landfills and stockpiles. They have all played a key role in having those 100 million tires recycled into products such as sidewalk blocks, roofing tiles and playground surfaces,” said Bob Barss, Chairman of Alberta Recycling. There are 350 collection sites across the province set up by urban and rural municipalities and First Nations and Metis Settlements that accept tires for recycling. Since 2000, Alberta Recycling’s municipal grant programs have provided over $12 million to communities. The recycling of 100 million tires was celebrated in Lethbridge recently at the grand opening of the new playground at Gilbert...

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California Tire Recycling Bill Rejected

On Aug. 31 the California Assembly has rejected a tire recycling bill supported by environmental groups but opposed by tire manufacturers and dealers. Bill 1239 would have established a new tire regulatory fee in the state and replaced a popular tire grant program with a new incentive program and it was voted down by the assembly Aug. 31 by a 34-34 party-line vote. As described by CAW, AB 1239 would have provided incentive payments to end-users of recycled tires to improve the state’s recycling rate. It also would have given the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) authority to add up to $1 to the state’s $1.75-per-tire scrap tire feel to cover the costs of regulating waste tires. CAW said the bill would “help expand the state’s tire recycling infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gases, create jobs, and cut the statewide and local costs associated with tire cleanup.” However, tire industry representatives were doubtful about the bill. They were supporting its goal of achieving a 75-percent recycling rate, but felt its definition of recycling was too restrictive. “They didn’t include tire-derived fuel in their definition of recycling, or exports of tires to other states or countries,” said Terry Leveille, president of Sacramento-based TL & Associates and legislative representative for the California Tire Dealers Association (CTDA). They also didn’t allow the use of tire-derived aggregate, except for projects involving methane...

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