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New tire recycling facility expected in South Carolina in April

A tire recycling plant may be soon launched in the American provincial town of St. George in South Carolina by a Georgia-based company Made to Last Straw LLC; the company is waiting for the endorsement from the state environmental authorities. The business aims to construct the facility at 4.1-acre site at 368 Winningham Rd where scrap rubber will be collected, recycled and exported to India and Vietnam to manufacture commercial products. To buy the land, the company invested $375,000 in December. According to the enterprise’s head, Chip Greene, South Carolina is lacking a tire recycling plant the state would...

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New Zealand struggling with hazardous tire stockpiles after the recent blaze

On February 25, around 500 tires went up in flames in countryside of North Canterbury – the blaze was completely eliminated by the fire crew on Monday night. The fire incident happened close to Amberley, on a countryside land located on Racecourse Rd, where two tire piles had been stored, including the enormous one with thousands of tires, which had been featured in the news in 2017. Only the smaller pile of 500 tires was engulfed in flames. According to Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) spokesperson Andrew Norris, it is yet unclear what caused the fire. After the...

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Mississippi gives grants to address tire recycling and solid waste problems

New Solid Waste Assistance Grants’ winners who will tackle existing waste issues in Mississippi, including illegal tire dumping, have been announced by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in Jackson. The grants will help design and carry out a number of projects, such as prevention of illegal tire disposal and clearance of illegally stored tires, assistance with recruiting waste management companies, raising awareness about the necessity of recycling. DEQ recently provided several grants within the state. Mississippi-based Yazoo City was granted $24,000 for the timespan of two years to carry out a scrap tire collection project within the...

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India’s officials and contractors accused of avoiding sustainable tire recycling practices

During a panel discussion hosted by a green research association, Chintan, Indian officials and contractors were accused by specialists of not using green technology to recycle old tires because of the technology’s higher cost. The application of such method has benefits as it helps to properly recycle scrap tires and reuse rubber. The discussion revealed why it was essential to expand use of scrap tires in road construction. The event focused on innovation in crumb rubber modified bitumen (CRMB), which enables extraction of rubber from waste tires, mixing them together with crushed stones and adding bitumen – the compound...

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Peter Taylor OBE assigned Future Tire Conference’s chair

The opening session of The Future Tire Conference 2018 will be directed by Peter Taylor OBE, who is a current Tyre Recovery Association’s secretary general. A German city Cologne will be hosting the conference on 30-31 May. During the event, participants will get a chance to discuss new developments in the tire industry, which are being impacted by the digital era, electric cars and advances in self-driving technologies. Taylor is an authoritative representative of the tire industry, who has a profound knowledge of the segment thanks to his involvement in the business domestically and worldwide. Taylor’s contribution to the national...

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