The expansion of production capacity for rubber mats was recently carried out by Gummiwerk Kraiburg Elastik GmbH & Co. KG – the company added a new manufacturing hall on the premises of its Tittmoning location.

The total cost of the expansion initiative is €10 million. It involved installation of a new press capable of producing around 700,000 square meters of rubber mats annually. The expansion has resulted in the increase of the annual capacity at this facility up to 2,5 million square meters of the animal-welfare products.

According to Kraiburg press release, the expanded facility has created 16 new jobs, and more jobs are to be introduced later.

Seven stacks of the new press enable to produce seven different types of rubber mats simultaneously. Waterjet cutting of pressed mats to the ultimate proportions, which can frequently cater to specific demands of clients, is available as part of a downstream processing.

The new Kraiburg’s facility operates using advanced waste-air cleaning systems, heat recovery systems, innovative ventilation and reduced noise technologies.

Some of Kraiburg’s rubber mats are made from recycled rubber. The video below exhibits manufacturing process at the company’s facility.

Source: Rubber News, Kraiburg