Recycle NB developed the bicycle tire and tube recycling program with the help of the Canadian Independent Bike Retailers Association, the province’s bike shops, tire retailers and Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC), in Minto, New Brunswick.

You may drop old bicycle tires and tubes at any of the bike shops that are participating in the program. For the complete list of shops, visit Where to recycle bicycle tires.

Which Bicycle Tires are Recyclable?

You can recycle any bicycle tire or tube. The only exception is tubular tires. Tubulars are designed for special rims. Glue holds them on the rims. Tubulars were common on high-performance bicycles, but these days they are not widely used.

Where Do I Recycle Bicycle Tires?

Why Recycle Bicycle Tires?

Recycling used bike tires and tubes is another way to the environment.  It is easy to do and it keeps them out of the landfills. Bicycle tires and tubes can be then used in the production of new rubber products such as cattle mattresses and crumb rubber for use in the manufacture of a variety of products.

Official Website of the Program