From May 29 till June 1, Germany held its renowned expo the Tire Cologne which was special this year, as it has introduced for the first time in its history a Tire Recycling Forum that gathered 29 speakers from the tire recycling industry.

In overall, as many as 120 visitors from the tire recycling industry had a chance to listen to the forum’s speakers working for successful tire recycling organizations such as Ecopneus, Signus, European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturer’s Association, etc.

The presenters also shared information on promising markets in China and Russia and revealed how Chile can be advancing in tire recycling over the next years.

Regarding the expo in general, over 16,000 participants had registered for the event and the number of exhibiting companies exceeded 500.

The event turned out to be genuinely international, as visitors from over than 100 countries traveled to Germany to attend the exhibition.

KoelnMesse served as an organizer of the expo; however, the organization of the Tire Recycling Forum would not have been possible without Ewan Scott, the editor of Tyre and Rubber Recycling magazine, who managed to create a compelling program that had attracted many key industry representatives hoping to learn more about current trends in tire recycling.

During the events, visitors managed to learn about all facets of tire recycling, ranging from basics to complex processes of devulcanization and pyrolysis.

Robert Weibold shed light on the future of tire recycling industry and its major trends.

Updates about filling properties of the crumb rubber were provided by the representative of Ecopneus, Daniele Fornai.

In addition, Luis de Leon, a speaker from Spain, shared his country’s experience of using rubberised asphalt for the surfacing which length is 1,600 kilometers.

The expo had also succeeded in uniting Chilean and Indian representatives of the key recycling businesses – international tire professionals Dario Andreani and Chetan Joshi, who delivered their speeches to the audience.

During the events, visitors had a chance to network and exchange knowledge, which was so helpful that all interviewed attendees later expressed their willingness to see similar meetings more often.

According to the expo’s visitor, Gabriel Leal, who is a representative of SIGNUS, the industry had definitely lacked such an event before, and the event needs to be held again.


Tyre and Rubber Recycling shared presentations of Tire Recycling Forum’s participants. Below, we provide links to the most of them.

Session 1 – European Market Overview – 10.30 to 11.30, Tuesday, May 29

Session 2 – European Market Overview – 12.00 to 13.00, Tuesday, May 29

Session 3 – Markets and Technology – 14.30 to 15.20, Tuesday, May 29

Session 4 – Global Market Trends – 10.30 to 11.30, Wednesday, May 30

Session 5 – Rubber Technology and Recycling – 12.00 to 13.00 Wednesday, May 30

Session 6 – Crumb Rubber – An Update – 14.30 to 15.30, Wednesday, May 30

Session 7 – Environmental Impacts – 10.30 to 11.30, Thursday, May 31

Session 8 – Future Challenges for the Tyre Recycling Industry – 12.00 to 13.00, Thursday, May 31

Session 9 – Rubber Technology and Recycling – 14.30 to 15.30, Thursday, May 31

Koelnmesse expressed its delight that the event managed to satisfy the expectations of the visitors and it hopes to organize even more outstanding expo in two years, which is anticipated to start on 9 June in 2020, and it will also last for three days.