Bridgestone Corporation revealed that it will be a part of Circular Economy 100 (CE100) initiative that was launched to shift the way business is handled and lean towards sustainability that advocates for tire recycling and waste reduction. The main lobbyist and and initiator of the project is the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which was created eight years ago.

According to Casper Jorna, CE100 Programme lead, businessmen and scientists from all over the world rallied together because of the program, and they can find methods for circular economy improvement, which can be achieved if its main principles are followed. Bringing together global and progressive members that work as a team, the organization believes, such approach allows to get better and quicker results, and is more effective than independent work.

Jorna added that Bridgestone is the first company from Japan to join their team, and the organization is happy to deal with the group.

The greatest focus is given to the environmental issues by The Bridgestone Group in its international CSR commitment ‘Our Way to Serve’, as the corporation aims to develop environmentally sustainable products and economy. In its commitment it has outlined its goals regarding the environment, which will need to be achieved by 2050 and for some years after that. A crucial role will be given to a circular economy, revealed Christine Karbowiak, chairperson of Bridgestone Corporation’s Global CSR Enhancement Committee.

The Bridgestone Group’s projects include improvements in new tires, retreaded tires and IT solutions. CE100 program will help the corporation mix its existing expertise with principles of a circular economy, which will be used in its strategies, thus resulting in a more sustainable business and use of high-quality materials through tire recycling. Moreover, materials, energy and information will be used in a more efficient way as a result of the program.

Article by Tyre Press