On August 29-30, the CalRecycle’s 2018 California Tire Conference was held in Sacramento. The two-day conference gathered a variety of companies and experts related to the tire recycling industry.

Apart from great opportunities for networking, the event provided visitors with the newest updates on the market of recycled rubber products, highlighting important trends of the tire recycling industry.

During two days of the event, CalRecycle speakers presented updates on Californian scrap tire exports, global tire retread industry developments, use of recovered carbon black from tires, global changes to recycling markets, rubberized pavement programs and other important topics.

One of the important presentations for tire recycling companies was made by Entech, who elaborated on compression and blow molding, sheet and profile extrusion and thermoforming using fine rubber powder mixed with thermoplastic olefins. The presentation included property comparisons of fine rubber powder / TPO compounds, effects of rubber powder sizes on the compounds, surface finish studies on rubber powder filled compounds, product examples and applications, strength and crack resistance, production costs, consumer demand, etc.

Among the other important presentations was Environmental Health Study of Synthetic Turf by the Office of Environmental and Health Hazard, California EPA. It highlighted important characterizations of rubberized surfaces such as fields and playgrounds, and considered additional exposure characterizations. The final version of the Human Health Risk Assessment will be published in the middle of 2019.

CalRecycle’s conference speakers focused not only on tire recycling technologies, new market developments and the latest trends, but also on reducing environmental impact during manufacturing. One of the world’s largest tire manufacturers Yokohama presented its stance on environment, including pathways to zero waste to landfill, tire retreading and elaborating impact of tires on fuel efficiency parameters.

Below, we list all presentations and topics highlighted by the participants:

  • Winning Through Compounding by Advanced Concepts LLC
  • Update on Tire Related Exports from California by ASD International
  • State of Retread Industry by Bandag
  • Case Studies in California-Made Tire-Derived Products by Bluebook
  • California Tire Recycling Market Trends and Issues by Boisson Consulting
  • Use of Recovered Carbon Black in Tire-Derived Products by Bolder Black
  • A New Initiative to Use EOL Crumb Rubber Infill in Construction of Replacement Fields by CalRecycle
  • Rubberized Pavement Program by CalRecycle
  • Tire-Derived Aggregate Program by CalRecycle
  • Waste Tire Facility Permitting Overview by CalRecycle
  • Role of International ASTM Standards in Building the Industry by DK Enterprises
  • From Recycled Tires to Plastic Parts by Entech
  • Federal Research Action Plan on Recycled Tire Crumb Used on Playing Fields by EPA
  • Tire Recycling in Europe by European Tire Recycling Association
  • Stormwater Issues Related to Tire Management by GHD
  • Roofing Using Crumb Rubber in Roofing Products by Malarkey
  • Update on Prop 65 Warning Label Requirements by Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
  • Trends and Opportunities to Recycle End-of-Life Synthetic Turf Systems by MOTZ
  • Environmental Health Study of Synthetic Turf by OEHHA
  • Expansion of California Molding Capacity and New Accessibility Product Solutions by SafePath
  • The Flow of Used Tires from California to Mexico by San Diego State University
  • A New Initiative to Use EOL Crumb Rubber Infill in Construction of Replacement Fields by Shaw Sports
  • US Retread Market by Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau
  • Re-thinking Producer Responsibility in Canada by TRAC
  • Highway Safety Products for Traffic Control and Transportation Industries by TrafFix Devices
  • Fostering Sustainable Solutions for EOL Rubber Through Devulcanization by Tyromer
  • Update form Synthetic Turf Counsil
  • US Scrap Tire Management Summary by USTMA
  • Sustainability Trends for the Future by USTMA
  • Tire Manufacturing and Environment by Yokohama

To get access to CalRecycle presentations, please get in touch with the conference organizer.