The project for construction of a new tire recycling plant operating with thermal decomposition system will be undertaking by a Montreal-based brand specializing in cleantech, Ecolomondo Corp, in Hawkesbury, Canada.

The new facility will be located within a 13.4-acre site purchased by the Canadian company for more than $300,000. It is yet unclear who serves as a sponsor of the new project.

According to Ecolomondo, the plant construction works will begin this fall. The projected is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2019 or earlier.

The estimated annual recycling capacity of the facility is 13,000 metric tons of scrap tires. Annually, the plant will generate more than 6 million liters of oil, 5,000 tons of carbon black, over 1,000 tons of gas and more than 1,500 tons of steel.

The main reason why Ecolomondo decided to build a new plant is to demonstrate its new system that is capable of converting hydrocarbon waste with tires being one of it, into valuable products.

Ecolomondo’s stocks ECM are traded on the TSX-V stock exchange. Richard Bouziane and Rodier Michaud are the founders of the business, however in 2007 the shares of the brand went public.

Currently, the business owns a pilot plant which has two reactors which ,reportedly, have a capacity of 6 tons of scrap tires. The facility is located in a Quebec’s town of Contrecoeur.

Hawkesbury, located close to Quebec, serves as home for 10,000 people in eastern Ontario.

Article by Rubber News