A high performance non-chemically devulcanized rubber which comes from crumb rubber or retread buffing, is manufactured by Tyromer Inc., a scrap tire devulcanization corporation, will be available in the United States.

The success of the tire-derived polymer (TDP) is that it can boost performance if it is used in as a pre-cure tread composite. Moreover, it is cheaper than virgin material.

According to Tire Retreading Information Bureau (TRIB), Tyromer is now working in association with Airboss Rubber Compounding for Mold-Cure and it will cater to a number of clients with specific needs. Tyromer stated that the company aims to fully implement a circular economy concept, which will be converting scrap tires into new tire tread multiple times.

It is possible to substitute a pre-cure tread composite by over 20% with the tire-derived polymer and it is now used in some OTR tire applications. The product is made entirely from recyclable materials.

Tyromer is based in Ontario, Canada, and it is planning to set up two more plants in 2018.

Article source: Tire Review