According to the Rubber News, large carbon black (CB) producer, Birla Carbon announced about its increasing CB prices in Africa and Europe. In the end of May, the company made an announcement saying that the price will rise by USD 78 per metric ton from July 1. According to the Mumbai-based company, the increase is to address market environment, costs of raw materials and strict regulatory requirements.

Earlier in May, Cabot Group located in Boston also announced CB price increases for Europe, Africa and Middle East. These price increases are expected to come into force in the middle of June. As regards to the product line prices, the company claims that all CB goods would be affected.

Cabot’s team asserts that “despite ongoing efforts to offset these costs, price adjustments will be implemented in the range of USD 55 to USD 90 per ton, in addition to any applicable feedstock index-related adjustments, for rubber carbon black products”

Article source: Rubber News