Canada’s tire stewardships have launched an integrated new website about Canada’s tire recycling industry ( The Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Agencies (CATRA) has developed this resource to provide a single destination for up-to-date recycling data, national, provincial and territorial information, and to provide CATRA members an online forum to store, access and share information across jurisdictions.

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The CATRA program manager Bob Ferguson said, that their goal was to “develop a resource to make it easier to find accurate and timely information about the tire recycling industry in Canada,” and that they have succeeded. Their new website provides visitors with a one-stop-shop for useful information about recycling tires in Canada. “With a national diversion rate of almost 100 per cent, our provincial and territorial tire stewardship programs are highly successful so we wanted to give them a place to share resources, showcase their successes and provide a forum so they can learn from one another.”

catra articleKey features of the CATRA site include listings of national and regional data on collected and recycled tires, energy recovery and diversion rates, access to publications and programs supporting the advancement of rubber recycling research and development, as well as links to federal government and industry resources. There is also a forum for CATRA members to access, share and store best practices and keep up-to-date on tire recycling trends and issues across the country.

The drive for this new consolidated website came from the demand for information surrounding the work being done by all tire stewardship organizations across the country. Prior to the launch of this website, stakeholders had to search in individual jurisdictions to find out about the latest products and projects in their regions, and members were spending a lot of time guiding consumers through the complex array of available resources.

Users now have a single site to turn to for rubber recycling best practices, results and information, both within their region and across the country. To find out more, visit the new CATRA website at (

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