How is the post-consumer tyre considered under the local regulations?
Is there any law in the country of interest which rules the activity of recycling?
Are there any state subsidies for waste recovery and recycling activities?
What is the situation with regard to custom duties and taxes for tyres and rubber granulate?
How are tyres presently disposed of (landfill, retreating, burned, other)?


How many car/truck-vehicles exist in the country of interest?
Is there any local vehicles production? How many vehicles are imported per annum?
How many tyres are used in the country of interest per year?
Is there a production of new tyres in the country of interest? Where? Yearly output? Which company?
Is there a tyre retreating company in the country of interest? If yes what volumes of used tyres do they handle?


Is there a rubber granulate production factory in the country of interest already?
If yes what is the capacity and the yearly output? Where are the customers and what are their requirements?
Is recycled rubber granulate, rubber powder or rubber chips from tyre recycling used in the country of interest already?
If yes what is the assessed rubber granulate market volume? In which industries is the rubber granulate used: flooring, rubber, sport pitch, construction, civil engineering, bitumen and asphalt?
Which customers do you intend to target?
What is the domestic market potential for rubber granulate? What is the average market price for rubber granulate?
Will you be able to sell the product output in the country of interest or will you need to sell it abroad?
Do you already have potential customers for the factory production output?


Do you have the required quantity of post consumer tyres available? How many? What is the car/truck ratio?
Is a tyre collection system in the country of interest in place already? Is there a gate free?
What do you intend to produce? Chips? Rubber Granulate? Powder? Finished Products?
What input/output quantities do you plan for?
Where do you want to establish the factory (geographical location)?
What production technology shall be applied (cryogenic or ambient)? Is there any obligation already or are you still free to choose on whatever technology will meet market demand best?


Do you have the money ready (bank or investors) or do you still need to secure finance?
How much money are you prepared to invest?
What is the expected amortisation period?

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