Plant Modification

As technologies continue advancing, you might opt to vertically or horizontally integrate your production or explore new markets. To conduce to your swift expansion or transition, we offer our help in upgrading your plant in line with the latest technological developments.

Strategic Planning

Once set about building a flourishing business, you will need to consistently adhere to the principles of your strategy. And it is a foremost task to define a right and a viable one. Weibold! helps your business to set right priorities, focus your team’s energy and company’s resources on particular goals; develop a system ensuring the strategic plan’s proper enforcement.

Market Research                                       .

We gladly share with you market information obtained through our daily interactions with numerous suppliers, customers and industry’s pioneers worldwide. Weibold!’s market researches enable you to keep abreast of innovative products, nascent markets and the latest industry trends.

Sales Support

Together, we clearly define and then adjust a sales strategy to your particular market position. This stipulates working up marketing materials and technical documentation for your goods. Eventually, Weibold! employs its sales network and wide array of auxiliary remedies to merchandize your goods.

Sales Staff Training

In addition to merchandizing your goods, we take on a mission of promoting your own sales. We carry out know-how transfer, persistently keep you abreast of market updates and changing business environment. For your team’s sake, we organize regular sales meetings and trainings, thereby counseling you on efficient sales strategies and business approaches in the industry; together, we devise a supplementary marketing and technical documentation. Hereby, we intend to boost your sales and make your sales team self-reliant.

Expert Opinion

Weibold! serves as an independent expert attracted to provide an unbiased and equitable opinion in cases when a collaboration with your business partner proved detrimental to your own enterprise, and if court is a dernier resort to resolve a dispute.