Market Study

Weibold! supplies both experienced tyre recyclers and industry’s novices with in-depth and tailor-made analyses of the latest trends, opportunities, risks and developments in the ever-evolving tire recycling industry. Through our market studies, you will get answers to the following questions: 

  • How well is your strategy going to perform when accounted for all traits of the tire recycling industry; 
  • Which alternative strategies may be expedient to pursue; 
  • What technologies do exist on the market today; 
  • What are the current needs of regional and international markets; 
  • What is the field of (alternative) application of your product; 
  • What are your most promising sales opportunities; 
  • What are your main and potential competitors.

Technology Comparison

To provide you with an answer, we create project quotations, scrutinize resembling offers you set your eyes on and help you to define a right equipment supplier. Elaborating on selling points, equipment’s traits, its strengths and weak spots, we work out characteristic solutions to enhance your strategic advantages and foresee economic imperatives for your business years in advance.

Grant Search & Application

For you to reach out for financing, Weibold! considers on your behalf possible funding options through grants, subsidies or other private and public financing sources. This module will research, prepare and guide you through the grant application procedure and will design your proposal profile in line with sponsor’s requirements to assure enforcement of standards stipulated by law / funding agreement.

Bankable Business Plan

Designed for you to fetch bank’s funding, business plan comprises an introduction to tyre recycling industry fundamentals, material applications, advancing technologies, existing and nascent markets, potential customers and competitors, sales strategies and production planning, investment recommendations, country-specific regulatory issues. Finally, it includes SWOT and sensitivity analyses, business model and financial plan. Altogether, it constitutes a blueprint for the planning, financing, resource-allocation, construction and operation of the entire facility.

Due Dilligence

In case you already possess a business plan, our team is at your disposal to dissect and scrutinize it to identify the plan’s advantages and weak spots. In case the plan needs to be rectified, we provide an alternative investment design and enrich the plan with ancillary recommendations. This may give you an exposure to how realistic and equitable the initial business plan is. Furthermore, Weibold!’s analysis may prop you up in attracting investors.

Investor Search

After the business planning phase is concluded, we support you in accessing funding from individual investors. By dint of Weibold!’s business ties and networking, your proposal and business plan reaches industry-related investors throughout the globe.