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Before you launch your first tire recycling company, make sure you know answers to these questions.

Tire Recycling Regulations

  • How is the post-consumer tire considered under the local regulations?
  • Is there any law in the country of interest which governs recycling?
  • Are there any state subsidies for waste recovery and recycling activities?
  • What is the situation with regard to custom duties and taxes for tires and rubber granulate?
  • How are tires disposed of (landfill, retreating, burned, other) as of today?

Waste tire & tire recycling statistics

  • How many car/truck-vehicles exist in the country of interest?
  • Is there any local vehicles manufacturing? How many vehicles are imported per annum?
  • How many tires are used in the country of interest per year?
  • Is there a production of new tires in the country of interest? Where? Annual output? Which company?
  • Is there a tire retreating company in the country of interest? If yes, what volumes of used tires do they handle?

MARKET & CUSTOMERS for crumb rubber

  • Is there a rubber granulate production factory in the country of interest already?
  • If yes, what is the capacity and the annual output? Where are the customers and what are their requirements?
  • Are recycled rubber granulates, rubber powder or rubber chips from tires used in the country of interest already?
  • If yes what is the estimated rubber granulate market volume? In which industries is the rubber granulate used: flooring, rubber, sport pitch, construction, civil engineering, bitumen and asphalt?
  • Which customers do you intend to target?
  • What is the domestic market potential for rubber granulate? What is the average market price for rubber granulate?
  • Will you be able to sell the output in the country of interest or will you need to sell it abroad?
  • Do you already have potential customers for the factory production output?


  • Do you have the required quantity of post consumer tires available? How many? What is the car/truck tires ratio?
  • Is a tire collection system in the country of interest in place already? Is there a gate fee?
  • What do you intend to produce: chips, rubber granulate, powder, finished products?
  • What input/output quantities do you plan for?
  • Where do you want to establish the factory (geographical location)?
  • What production technology shall be applied (cryogenic or ambient)? Is there any obligation already or are you still free to choose on whatever technology will meet market demand best?

Investment & financial matters

  • Do you have funds (bank, grant or investors) or do you still need to secure finance?
  • How much money are you ready to invest?
  • What is your expected payback period?




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