Mag. Robert Weibold

Founder of Robert Weibold GmbH based in Vienna, Austria. After graduation from the University of Business Administration and Economics in Vienna, he joined Sterz KEG Rohstoffe in 1997 – a specialist in secondary raw material trading. Two years later he founded his own business for trading rubber granulates/powders and supporting tyre recyclers in their sales efforts. Mr. Weibold was head of project management for several turn-key tyre recycling plant projects. Since 2009 the focus is on tyre recycling related consultancy services, resulting in 100+ references on all continents. Services include market studies, due diligence services, feasibility studies, technology comparisons, sales support, sales staff training, expert opinions, finance plans etc., exclusively for the tyre recycling industry.

Ing. Franz Theuer


After having managed Semperit/Conti Irleand as head of production for more than 16 years, Mr. Theuer returned to Semperit Austria. After 40 years of experience in the tyre industry he retired and became Vice-President of the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA) for Austria. Furthermore he was a consultant for IBM Austria. Mr. Theuer and Mr. Weibold joined forces for the first time in 2001 where they were in charge of sales for Austria’s first tire recycling company. Ever since Mr. Theuer co-operated with Weibold! to enlarge its client reference list.

Andreas Kyriakos


With 35 years of experience in the US, England, Singapore, Athens, Vienna, and Dubai Mr Kyriakos is the founder of several companies and has raised funds for many projects in the internet, alternative energy, environment and real estate sectors, including an IPO in 2000. Mr Kyriakou has an engineering degree and speaks English, German, French, and Greek fluently. With a solid technological background combined with cultural diversity, financial savvy, organizational know-how and team-leading experience, Mr. Kyriakos is experienced in molding new enterprises from their inception. Based on US-based engineering degree and management practices his experience spans several industries and geographical and cultural environments. Besides tyre recycling related projects Mr. Kyriakos supports start-up companies in the alternative energy sector (Austria), restructuring semiconductor industrial supply and service companies (US, UK, and Singapore), internet and media (Austria and Greece), and funding for luxury real estate development projects (Dubai and Vienna).

Mohamed Saad El Jai

Joined Weibold GmbH in December 2013 and has supported the firm in developing business plans and market studies for many tire recycling projects around the world with a special focus on the Middle Eastern region. Previously, he was an economic research consultant in Morocco with DAI under USAID’s Morocco Economic Competitiveness program where he was responsible for supporting projects in Cold Chain Logistics, Business and Legal Environment Development, and Sustainable Solid Waste Management. Mohamed is passionate about issues related to sustainable, social and economic development both at the local and global level. Mohamed is fluent in Arabic, French and English and he has a working knowledge of German. He holds a BA in Business Administration and Finance with honors, and is finalizing his master degree thesis at Vienna University of Economics and Business. (Msc in Economics).

Louis Selinger Romero

picture - LSR

Supports the company in the market development, technology comparison and market research for tire recycling, tire retreading, molded goods and other innovative rubber related projects in Europe and America. Mr. Selinger Romero holds a degree in Economics and speaks Spanish, English and German fluently. With a deep understanding of the requirements and differences of markets in various continents, Mr. Selinger Romero is experienced in identifying the growth potential of new markets around the world.

José Manuel Etchegaray Delgado

Founder of ME Solutions, a multi-service company based in Guadalajara, Mexico. He had worked as an investment advisor for more than 10 years, which resulted in his interest to environment-friendly technologies. He was invited to participate in a tire recycling start up, helping to develop the right corporate identity and explore emerging market opportunities.

Manuel has a broad experience in client-focused service, approaching desired markets and designing networking strategies.