After serving almost a lifetime in both management and sales in tire business, Darrell and Vangie Armstrong made an investment in the first retreading facility of Continental in British Columbia, Canada.

The new retreading plant called ContiLifeCycle is situated in the Gloucester Industrial Estates. The Armstrong couple officially announced their launching the venture on June 12 accompanied by representatives of Continental Tires from all over U.S. and Canada.

Vangie, who has been working in the tire industry for more than 25 years, said Gloucester is ideal for the couple because of its proximity to truck fleets. Reportedly, their activities cover the whole British Columbia.

Per daily shift, 15,000 square feet plant in Gloucester puts out 120 retreaded tires. The factory plans to employ altogether 6 people and has spare capacity if the throughput needs to be increased.

Continental is headquartered in Hannover, Germany and is organized in the form of a publicly traded company. Worldwide, the tire manufacturer is renowned for its technological expertise and research.

Retreading systems by Continental recycle each tire up to three times. Moreover, it recycles tread peelings from old tires for other purposes such as rubber mat manufacturing.

Darrell reports that he started out in the industry 37 years ago on and now gained expert nearly in every aspect of tire retreading and recycling business. The expertise gained throughout his career in tire industry is an important part of where he is today as the owner of the plant.

According to Darrell, their Port Kells tire store currently sells some ¾ of the tires to commercial users and truckers, and he expects that the sales will grow. The couple plans to be in Prince George in the next five years also willing to expand to Kamloops and the Lower Mainland.

Article source: Langley Advance