Discussions continue on the possibility of Monterey becoming the site of a tire recycling facility looking to set up shop in Putnam County. Alderwoman Rebecca Iaquinta told the board members on 7 December, that these are just preliminary negotiations, and according to her it would be a good thing for Monterey.

monterey tire recycling facility

As a member of the economic development committee, she had met last week with Nolan Goolsby, Monterey’s city attorney, and Danny Patel of Global Recycling Inc., who is looking to lease five to 10 acres for a permanent structure in Monterey’s industrial park.

Iaquinta said that it would be a light industrial business, but state and federal approval are needed. “Once we agree to it, it will be about a year before it actually happens,” Iaquinta said.

The topic first came up in September when economic development committee chairman Joey Isabell told board members, “[They] wanted to locate in the western part of the county in Boma, and that was voted down because it was going to go right next to a residential development.” But that wouldn’t be the case in Monterey.

Iaquinta assured the board members, that no pollution is involved and neither are burnings or run-offs. “It’s just a matter of making cuts in tires and baling them.”

The tires would eventually be shipped overseas to be further processed for recycling. According to Iaquinta, it would initially provide three to five jobs and could go as high as 50. “[Patel] wants to start out with a short-term lease of three to five years and then longer increments as it goes along.”

Regarding the issue of the impact, which the tire facility would have on the road, Iaquinta said that “there would be trucks pulling in to deliver these tires that need to be cut and baled”. She pointed out that the tires would be purchased and trucked in from numerous municipalities. “From each area, there could be one or two trucks a month.”

Mayor Bill Wiggins also noted the vulnerability of the road, Old Walton Road in particular, which he said would benefit from resurfacing should grant monies be acquired for that purpose. According to him, “eighteen-wheelers would really pound it”.

The mayor also noted that they could get that addressed with as little financial pain as possible. “We sure don’t want to pass up this opportunity,” he said. To which Iaquinta agreed and said that “it looks promising.”

Wiggins said the target date for a possible lease would be no later than January.

Article source: Herald Citizen