Eagle International – a renowned manufacturer of tire cutting and debeading machinery – says giant tires come with giant problems. Off The Road (OTR) tires can weigh thousands of pounds and require extra steps for disposal. Legislation regarding disposal of these and other tires is popping up around the globe and governments are imposing requirements on the percent of tires that need to be recycled annually.

OTR tires come with their own set of challenges. The immense size can cause issues when it comes to shredding and it keeps the tire from burning evenly during pyrolysis. This is where Eagle International comes in. According to the company, the world’s only provider of an entirely mobile OTR downsizing system, Eagle developed a three-step process that reduces the size of OTR tires into manageable pieces.

Eagle OTR Tire Debeader

Eagle Punch Cutter II

The Eagle OTR Downsizing System is popular in mining environments where OTR tires are plentiful and have started accumulating by the acre. There is a specific machine for each step of the reduction process. First, the patented OTR Debeader pulls both beads from one side of a radial tire ranging in size from 20.5/R25 through 59/80R63. The steel is pulled cleanly, can be recycled for scrap, and makes the tire easier and more economical to process further.

The second step is handled by the Punch Cutter II. This patented machine rotates the tire while cutting it in half around the circumference. “Everyone calls it a bagel cut,” jokes John Tejkl, Eagle International Representative. “Essentially it slices the tire in half, like a bagel, and preps it for the Titan II. You can slice tires with a rim size of 39 inches and a tread width of 37 inches all the way through 63-inch rim sizes and 70-inch tread widths.” The cutting process is completely automated.

Eagle Titan II

The final step in the OTR Downsizing System is the Titan II. It boasts the ability to handle and cut whole tires up to 44 inches across the tread and 14 feet in diameter. It can cut tires with a tread wider than 44 inches after it has been bagel cut with the Punch Cutter II. Operators can determine how large or small the final pieces are cut to meet their needs. Once the tires have gone through this final stage, they can easily and efficiently be transported for shredding or pyrolysis.

According to Tejkl, “Once an operation is setup, has stock available for each step in the system, and is running smoothly; you can expect to process up to 5 tires per hour.” The OTR Downsizing System is expected to make a huge impact in waste reduction and help operations meet requirements of impending legislation.

For more information about machines built by Eagle or how to join its network of dealers, visit www.eagle-equipment.com or call 1-800-755-8473.