End-of-life tire rubber and its possible applications in the equestrian industry will soon be thoroughly studied by the Italian EPR management firm, Ecopneus. A big number of tire shredder operations perceive this market very promising, however, very limited data on it are now available.

According to Giovanni Corbetta, CEO of Ecopneus, the planned research would investigate a wide range of the equestrian segment, and would pay equal attention to rubberized flooring, carpets and mats, gallops and ménages. He pinpointed that the industry should now become more aware of this significant market. Corbetta drew attention to the UK, and how crumb rubber helped the equestrian sector get significant role on tire recycling market. Moreover, a number of European states eventually mirrored this trend. Nevertheless, in recent times, there has not been any research conducted. Thus, the initiative by Ecopneus would attempt to provide recyclers with more data on the segment.